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Tear Jerker / Identity V

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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

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     Main Game and Gameplay 
  • Due to the fact that players can select the characters that they play as, it is possible to make Leo Beck [The Hell Ember] hunt his own daughter.
  • Violetta [The Soul Weaver]'s "Toy" lobby animation involves her playing with what looks like a webbed-up Survivor and hugging it tightly. Once you get past the initial horror that it's a survivor, it's kinda cute. Then you find out what her childhood was like...
     Character Backstories/Deductions 
  • Michiko [The Geisha] married her love Miles only to be killed by his father who disapproved of her. The father later tried to cover up the murder by telling his son that she ran off with another man. Refusing to believe this, Miles began to search for his wife.
    • Assuming that Miles' father is the Mr. Donnely contacted by Margaretha Zelle/The Female Dancer's uncle in Michiko's Character Day letter, Miles may have potentially ended up on the wrong side of the law during his attempts to find out what happened to his wife.
  • Xie Bi'an and Fan Wujiu [The White and Black Guards] used to be noble government officers. One day, the governor's son was causing trouble at a local tavern and the two of them were sent there to intervene. In order to ensure that his son remained free, the governor shifted the blame onto them. Fan Wujiu chose to take the blame and drowned himself under a bridge. Xie Bi'an, being unable to live without his friend, also committed suicide by hanging himself from the same bridge soon afterward.
    • Fan sacrificed himself to preserve his friend's life. Instead, Xie was so overcome by sorrow that he killed himself to join Fan.
    • Word of God has allegedly confirmed that Xie and Fan's spirits are unable to reunite or communicate with each other inside the umbrella, which (if true) just makes their whole story even more tragic.
    • Another thing that makes their backstory more tragic is their names. The names Xie Bi'an and Fan Wujiu roughly translate to "those who make amends will always be at peace" and "those who commit crimes will have no salvation" respectively. Though they could reflect their differences in temperaments and the fact that both of them were government officers, they become horribly ironic considering what happened to them.
    • When the date of their Character Day was released, players were presented with personal information about Xie and Fan. What were they said to dislike? Fan Wujiu dislikes rope and Xie Bi'an dislikes rain.
    • Their Character Day letter is a poem written by Xie Bi'an about how he felt after Fan Wujiu died. The wording in the original Chinese version heavily implies the two to have been lovers, and the tone of the poem implies it to have been his suicide letter before he hanged himself.
  • What happened to the Beck family. First, Leo Beck [The Hell Ember] was tricked into buying an arms factory severely in debt by Freddy Riley [The Lawyer] (who he thought was his friend at the time). Soon afterward, Freddy runs off with his wife, Martha, and Leo goes into debt due to the factory. After being forced to put his daughter, Lisa (AKA Emma Woods [The Gardener]) in an orphanage, he commits suicide by burning down the factory with him still inside.
    • Speaking of Lisa (AKA Emma), after being put in the orphanage, something happened to her which gave her psychological trauma and had her be admitted to an asylum. Doubles as Nightmare Fuel.
    • In Lawyer's birthday letter, we find out that Martha realizes her mistakes and leaves him, intending to pick up Lisa from the orphanage and raise their unborn daughter, Annecy to become a good person. Instead, the next time we see Martha, she's dead in an abortion clinic.
  • Joseph Desaulniers [The Photographer]'s Character Day letter reveals just how much the tragic death of his brother, Claude, impacted him. Joseph's deductions imply that Joseph would regularly write letters to his deceased brother, and his Character Day letter implies that he may have also suffered survivor's guilt. Regardless of what he may have ended up doing and becoming, it is impossible to not feel for Joseph.
  • Kurt Frank [The Explorer]'s story becomes a lot more tragic when it's revealed that his past expeditions and adventures were actually the product of his delusional schizophrenia, and that he actually spent an unspecified amount of time in a mental asylum.
  • If Margaretha Zelle [The Female Dancer] is actually Natalie, it is possible that, in running away with the circus and eloping with Sergi in search of a better life, she ended up being the victim of Domestic Abuse at the hands of her superficially charming husband.
    • Her Character Day letter reveals that this was likely the case. Mirroring reallife abusive tactics, Sergi allegedly lured Natasha/Margaretha in through stories about the "Big City" and, once she had eloped with him and run off with the circus, destroyed any letters she would presumably send to her aunt and uncle. Though Margaretha claims to believe that leaving Lakeside Village was the right choice for her, she acknowledges that she does indeed regret leaving the way she did and, given what is implied to have happened, would definitely do things differently if she could change the past.
  • The implication, emerging from both Emily Dyer/The Doctor's and Robbie White/Axe Boy's Character Day letters, that there was possibly an ulterior motive for the church having the children of the White Sand Street Orphanage committed to the White Street Sand Asylum for apparent mental issues.
  • Aesop Carl [The Embalmer]'s Character Day letter. The letter is written by his (presumably) deceased mother, who talks about how she remembers him as a kind and gentle boy. Later on, she tells him that she will be leaving him in the care of Jerry Carl so that he can raise him to be a fine gentleman like his father. Sadly this wouldn't be fulfilled as Mr. Carl instead began grooming Aesop to follow his footsteps to become a serial killer.
  • Tracy Reznik [The Mechanic]'s background notes that, growing up, she was interested in gunpowder experiments. Following the announcement of the date of her Character Day, Tracy was noted to dislike dynamite. Then remember that Tracy's father died in a explosion that occurred at his clock shop...
    • This is even worse if you believe that Tracy may have (accidentally or even possibly intentionally) been responsible for her father's death. If this is the case, it makes her vowing to complete his mechanical doll even more gut-wrenching.
  • Robbie White [Axe Boy] and his sister Dolores losing both of their parents in a single night. Dolores was forced to beg on the streets, and both and her Robbie became victims of child labor. Just when it seemed like their lives was turning around for the better, Robbie ended up getting decapitated by a broken window, something which likely mentally broke Dolores. No child should have to go through that and there is a reason why a lot of in-game material mentions that Robbie cries a lot.
  • Violetta [The Soul Weaver] was born without limbs and found by Max, the owner of a freak show, abandoned underneath a seat after one of his performances. For a while, she was the star attraction, but soon the audience lost interest in her, and she was sold off to several circuses. In addition, she was abused by Max, but due to seeing him as a father figure (and liking that he treated her like he did everyone else, instead of pitying her), put up with it. In order to perform again, Violetta had mechanical spider limbs grafted onto herself, but even then, Max refused to let her back onstage, which led to her agreeing to hold her comeback at Oletus Manor...
  • Bane Perez [The Gamekeeper] being betrayed and mutilated by a boy he had once shown mercy and kindness to. The group of poachers the boy was a part of then took the decapitated head of the black-nosed moose Bane had been taking care of and placed it on him. Afterward, the poachers left and the manor's dogs dragged him back to the manor. Although he (seemingly) recovered, he had transformed into a monster and any traces of kindness within him had disappeared.
    • What makes it even worse was that Bane was said to have raised Black Nose, the aforementioned moose, like he was his own son. From a certain point of view, Bane is forced to wear the corpse of his own child. It's little wonder he became what he did.
  • The aftermath of Luchino's transformation. In-game material even states that he keeps trying to remove his scales to no avail.
  • In a Nightmare Fuel sort of way, it is implied that "The Ripper" is the Split Personality of a painter who takes over his host's body when his host falls asleep and it's also implied that the host is aware of his presence but can't do anything about it.
  • An example that can hit close to home for some. While growing up, it seemed as though no matter how hard she tried, nothing Fiona Gilman [The Priestess] did was ever good enough for her mother.
    • Sense of Guilt:
    • Inheritance:
  • On a similar note, there is Martha Behamfil [The Coordinator]'s struggles with sexism (which prevented her from achieving her dreams of being a pilot) and her conservative mother's attempts to make her daughter abide by the gender roles of the time.
    • Upon meeting Henry, a pilot who seemed to share her interests, Martha appeared to achieve a level of happiness. This all came crashing down when Henry seemingly died in a gliding accident (though this may be downplayed if you believe that Martha murdered him and/or that Henry had sexist views.
  • When Ann's eyes were changed due to a plague, she was blamed for said plague and branded a devil. This led to her being impaled in the chest by a stake and being left to die.
  • The backstory of Vera Nair [The Perfumer] (AKA Chloe Nair) gets worse the more you find out.
    • In her childhood, Chole was seen as strange and shunned by everyone around her. The only one who supported her was her twin sister, Vera. But then, Vera used Chloe's recipes to open a perfume shop, claiming her twin's fame and fortune for herself. Chloe was distraught, believing that the one person she truly trusted had betrayed her, and murdered Vera before stealing her identity.
    • Chloe was happy with her new life until she found Vera's diary. It was revealed that Vera only wanted to help her recipes gain recognization from the community, and planned to hand over the business to her once it gained popularity. Chloe was put through even more despair, upon the realization that she had killed the only person who loved her. She created her perfume Euphoria to make herself forget the tragedies of her past.
  • During a Q&A, a fan asked Emma Woods/The Gardner how Norton Campbell/The Prospector reacted to the release of the Golden Cave map. Emma's response?
    Emma: It seems like's he doing fine. But, it seems like he's subconsciously whispering something. It sounds like... "Don't...forget?"
  • 2020 Deduction Star Event
    Kevin: You can fool others but you can't fool yourself.
    • Though it can potentially be regarded as Heartwarming, one of Eli Clark [Seer]'s lines is this when you recall how he initially lost his powers, and his reasons for accepting the invitation from Oletus Manor.
    Eli: A promise is everything...
    • One of Norton Campbell [Prospector]'s lines has him demand that he not be reminded of the mining tragedy. It's easy to feel sorry for him, even if he inadvertently caused it.
    • This line from Murro [Wildling] about his past at the circus.
    Murro: Don't make me jump through the hoop of fire... I'm scared of that thing.
    • Demi Bourbon [Barmaid] has lines where she admits that she misses her brother and she wishes that she spent more time with her family.
    • A line from Bane Perez [Gamekeeper] demonstrates just how much the death of his beloved Black Nose, and the torture he went through afterwards, changed him.
    Bane: You'll get hurt from being too nice.
    Violetta: The audience always wants something new. I'm no longer needed.
    • One of Robbie White [Axe Boy]'s lines has him express his desire to see his sister again. This line is sobering because it reminds the player that, even though he's become a Hunter, he's still a little kid. To a lesser degree, he also has a line where he wants to eat chocolate, something he can't even eat anymore due to not having a head.
    • One of Michiko [Geisha]'s show that she has not forgotten her husband. She only wonders if he still remembers her.
  • 2020 Valentine's Day
    • Vera Nair [Perfumer]'s message.
    There are mountains of things that I wish I could forget, but it seems the amount of things that I can't forget just keeps growing and growing. Could I consider you someone important to me? Do I even have that right? Will you forgive me?
    • Naib Subedar [Mercernary]'s line.
    Naib: It'd be better for you if your love for me stayed shallow. Because when I die shielding you, the one who'll regret it the most is you.
    • The final line of Margaretha Zelle [Female Dancer]'s message.
    Margaretha: Would you dance... with someone like me?
    Patricia: Lovesickness brings up some bad memories, but... The gods will at least forgive me just for today, won't they? D-does love count as a sin, I wonder?
    • Jose Baden [First Officer]'s message.
    Jose: You there, are you under hypnosis or something? You have terrible taste, falling for a man like me. I'll tell you this; I'm a man that has fallen to despair, depravity and drink. Good grief... you nearly got me there, you know.
    • Ann [Disciple]'s message.
    Ann: You cannot... love the sun... Therefore, you can never... love me... Before you become a sinner...O, kind, kind person... please, run.
    • Xie Bi'an [White Guard]'s message will make you want to hug him.
    Xie Bi'an: Thank you, but I have no right to be loved. I'm happy to receive your sentiments, but your affection is wasted on me. I deserve to have abuse hurled at me, without any mercy. Without that, my sins will never run clean.
    • Unlike the other characters, Murro [Wilding] was said to be unwilling to send a message on Valentine's Day, with Emma Woods [Gardener] informing people that he didn't want to be center stage.
  • Both Luchino [Evil Reptilian]'s 2020 Valentine's Day and 2020 Deduction Star lines imply that he has crossed the Despair Event Horizon and has sadly resigned himself to his fate as a reptilian monster.
  • Practically any time where Kurt Frank [Explorer] tells stories about his past adventures or gives out an offer to join him on a new one, becomes this after the The Reveal that (presumably) none of his "past adventures" and expeditions actually happened.
    Kurt: The world portrayed in books is the most beautiful.
  • Violetta [Soul Weaver]'s 2020 White Day message, though this might also be considered heartwarming.
    Violetta: When you look at me, it feels like I'm trapped in a delusion that feels almost like being loved...

  • Emma Woods [Gardener]'s "Ghost Girl" skin.
    Surrounded by walls in a cold night - where days felt like years in the hospital, she imagined herself leaving her painful body and walking freely under the moonlight. Where is the happy little girl that was once spoiled by her father like a princess?
  • Xie Bi'an & Fan Wujiu [White and Black Guards]'s "Far East Wind" description becomes part this and part Fridge Horror when one consider what happened to the guards in their backstory.
    Today is the day I have to decide, when shall I return peacefully.
    • The skin and a matching accessory, "Dust", comes in a package titled "Late Spring." The package's description?
    With whom shall I spend my days when spring returns without him?
  • Xie Bi'an & Fan Wujiu [White and Black Guards]'s "Broken Blossoms".
    Waiting still as the moon's up high, the eastern wind blows from the curtain inside.
    • Like all other Deduction Star skins, it is based on a classic movie, Broken Blossoms. However, the movie's story happened to share a lot of similarities with the two guard's backstories. Particularly The Protagonist failing to protect someone dear to him and being Driven to Suicide.
    • The design of the skin itself. The clothes are black and white traditional robes with yellow chrysanthemum patterns along the edges. Both the color black and white as well as yellow chrysanthemums in China are often associated with wakes and funerals, so it's obvious that the clothes are meant to be mourning robes.
  • Kurt Frank [Explorer]'s "Alice" skin became this after it was revealed that he was suffering from Delusional Schizophrenia, since one of the most popular interpretation of Alice is that she has Schizophrenia and her adventure in wonderland is just her delusion as well.
  • Robbie White [Axe Boy]'s "Wail".
    Who is crying alone on the long way home? Please join us in addressing the issue of missing children.
    • It was released in commemoration of International Missing Children Day, giving this skin a particularly hard-hitting Reality Subtext.
  • Michiko/The Geisha's "Shiromuku" skin.
    Filled with an emptiness, I have nowhere to express my heartache.
  • The description attached to the "Pocket Watch" accessory for Tracy Reznik [Mechanic].
    A pocket watch left by the Mechanic's father. The time is stopped at the time of the explosion.
  • The description attached to the "Tonight or Never" accessory for Vera Nair [Perfumer].
    Leave the truth before the hangover fades. Leave the truth you choose to forget.
  • The description attached to the "Pervasive Fragrance" accessory for Margaretha Zelle [Female Dancer]. Especially if you believe this accessory to be a canonical look into the character's mind.
    There is no disguising the smell of evil.
  • The description attached to the "Remains of Yellow Roses" accessory for Aesop Carl [Embalmer], when you remember what is implied to have happened to his friend.
    What lies here is more than just an apology.
  • The description attached to the "Strong Mix" accessory for Demi Bourbon [Barmaid]
    Unfortunately, alcohol can only numb your nerves, not help them forget the past.
  • Victor Grantz [Postman]'s "Final Present"
    Victor didn't think that this present from his poet friend would be the last testament of their last meeting.
  • The "Golden Horn" accessory for Bane Perez [Gamekeeper].
    Out of the only thing that his dead friend left behind, he crafted this gold horn.
  • Bonbon [Guard 26]'s "Unsent Flowers"
    All robots wish to become human, and these unsent flowers are Bonbon's shattered dreams.
  • Violetta [Soul Weaver]'s "Frozen Heart".
    Violetta's tragic past has made her cold and bitter.

     Stage Play 
Episode 1:
  • The entire Hunters side is one long tearjerker, with only brief comedy scenes. If Joseph's despair at being stuck in this manor isn't enough, he's lost his memory, and his reaction to getting it back, and remembering his lost twin... his actor actually cries in one scene. And on top of Joseph's story, there's Wu Chang, and the fact that they're so close, but can never actually be together. The scene where Bi'an first arrives is as heart-wrenching (and marvelously acted) as any of Joseph's. His actor cried during curtain call as well.

Episode 3:

  • When Eli sees Mirror World Wu Chang, and comments that they're together, Bi'an replies, "Of course, we're always together". Of course, outside of the mirror world, they aren't. And during the ball scene, Bi'an darts across the floor to get one dance with Wujiu before it finishes.