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Tear Jerker / ID: Invaded

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  • Narihisago's emotional breakdown in episode 10 is just painful to watch. He had almost convinced himself that Kiki Asukai's id well was the real world, and that everything in the past, i.e. his family's death and his subsequent murder of The Challenger, was all just a dream. He spends almost two years in that dimension, happily living with his wife and daughter, only to be cruelly pulled back to reality when he meets Hondōmachi on the other side. Him desperately trying to deny it being a fake world just shows how sad and broken his family's death has actually left him. If this wasn't enough, Narihisago talking to his wife (over the phone) for one last time, with a montage of their happiest moments playing in the background (along with a very bittersweet song playing through the whole scene) will reduce you to sobbing.
    Narihisago: (in an anguished voice, barely holding back tears) Am I going somewhere? What do you mean? You and mom are the ones who left!
    • After waking Narihisago and Fukuda discuss what happened with Fukuda being shocked that what appeared to last ten minutes for him was two years for Narihisago. He tells Narihisago he was lucky. Narihisago thinks about this for a moment then says “Yeah, actually”. Both tearjerker and heartwarming.
    • The flashback bears extra mentioning. We see that Narihisago's happiest moments included marrying his wife, Ayako, spending time with her and living a fulfilling and fruitful marriage, his daughter, Muku, being born and raising her to what seems about middle school age (14 years old) and the family overall being at total bliss. Where the heartbreaking swerve comes in is one quick disturbing still shot of Muku's body after her fatal run-in with The Challenger. The flashbacks become more and more depressing as we see Narihisago and Ayako then attending the funeral, Ayako refusing to eat and taking out her grief on Narihisago (hitting his chest repeatedly while sobbing uncontrollably, with Narihisago doing nothing to stop her, hinting that their marriage was falling apart). The flashback finally ends with Narihisago purchasing a cake in an attempt to cheer up Ayako...only to come home and witness her corpse in the bathtub, dead from a sliced wrist. Narihisago's expression says it all, as he collapses to his knees, having lost everything dear to him. Is it any wonder why Narihisago decided to go to The Challenger's house and just straight up shoot the bastard who robbed him of his family, knowing that he was going to throw away his personal freedom in the process by committing murder, even against a killer?
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    • Also, props to Kenjiro Tsuda for conveying Narihisago's feelings so well in that scene.



  • With John Walker has been defeat and seal inside Kiki's ID well for good, but most of the Kura members, Fukuda, and possibly Inami who were killed inside an ID well are still comatose and it's unknown if they are going to wake up from their comtose state.
  • Kiki decides to be put back in the Mizuhanome system and she will wait for someone to save her and release her suffering someday.

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