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Tear Jerker / Hyperdimension Neptunia

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  • Episode 10 of is pretty somber throughout due to Peashy having been turning into Yellow Heart and Eden trying to take over due to brainwashing]]. Plus the fact that Neptune, NEPTUNE; the 4th wall breaking, gamer addict, goof-off, and least serious of any of the CPUs; is depressed and dead serious the entire episode, even when she's not transformed; is a dead give-away that things are bad.
  • Though it all comes to a head at the end where the producers essentially took what was a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming from H.N. Victory and turned it into one of the saddest scenes in what is supposed to be a COMEDY. It starts with Transformed and Brainwashed Peashy beating on Neptune. In the end Anonydeath is stopped and Peashy is freed from Eden's control...but Peashy doesn't remember ANYTHING, not even Neptune. Plutia then has to take the still amnesic Peashy home; and Neptuna arrives just before they go to say goodbye to Plutia and give Peashy a gift: "Nep's Pudding." Peashy still doesn't remember and Neptune smiles to say that it's the most delicious thing in the world. A few moments later, Peashy remembers and says "Neptuna!" right before she and Plutia disappear and go back to their dimension. Cue an incredibly sad insert/ending song with a very somber credits scene that ends with dolls of Neptune and Peashy holding hands. The song ends as Neptune looks through Peashy's drawings, starts to cry and just says, "P-ko," as the episode concludes.]] Keep in mind that this show is a Comedy and it just makes the fact that the creators were able to pull off such an effective and emotional scene that much more impressive...and make these moments that much more sad.

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