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Tear Jerker / How Green Was My Valley

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  • Huw Morgan's father's death, when he drowns in a mine shaft accident, with his last words to his son, who was cradling him in his arms being, pictured above along with his last words as the caption.
  • The nostalgic ending in which Huw recalled the happier memories of his youth as a chorus sang during a montage of the Morgan family at supper time, of Huw's first view of Bronwyn with the double basket on her hip, of Angharad at the gate watching and waving at Mr. Gruffydd and Huw returning through a hillside of blooming flowers; there was also a view of Huw and his father walking hand-in-hand over the crest of a hill, as they did in the film's opening sequence, and a glimpse of the five brothers in an open field.

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