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Tear Jerker / Honoo no Alpen Rose

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  • A good part of the story, with Hans's Heroic Sacrifice as a huge point.
    • Also, Leon finding out that his parents definitely are dead, and when Johan and Liesl tell Jeudi that the search for Lundi has been called off, which almost sends Jeudi towards the Despair Event Horizon.
      Jeudi: "No, I'm not Alicia. I'm Jeudi! Lundi gave me that name!"
  • Chapter 15 of the manga is a giant tearjerker, what with Jeudi and Leon finding Jeudi's dad Friederich... only to lose him forever.
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  • The end of chapter 18, with Mathilda's brutal “The Reason You Suck” Speech to Jeudi and Jeudi breaking down in tears as she cannot approach her blind Ill Girl mother Helen, who's few meters away, otherwise her weakened heart will fail...
    Jeudi: " Alicia is right here, Mother..."
  • Chapter 20 is, bluntly put, a big, giant tear. Specially when Helene meets Jeudi believing her to be a girl who's temporarily in the Durant home and she can't tell her who she truly is, and the end where Jeudi takes a non-lethal Heroic Sacrifice via willingly leaving to protect her mother, her grandparents and Lundi from Toulonchamp.

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