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Tear Jerker / Home Improvement

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  • "Where There's A Will, There's A Way" from season 2. Mark overhears a conversation between Tim and Wilson about Tim's mortality. Stunned, Mark later comes downstairs to ask Tim "Dad, are you gonna die?"
  • The episode when Jill's dad died.
  • Another example is John Binford's death. Even moreso when Wilson gives Tim a small speech about grieving, to which he ends by saying, "It lets you accept that the person is really... truly... gone." Tim looks over the fence, and finds Wilson has left Tim by himself. After Earl Hindman, Wilson's actor, died in 2003, this scene was just so much worse.
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  • "The Longest Day" where they think Randy might have cancer. When Randy breaks down while talking to Tim at the arcade and then jumps into Tim's arms.
    "Why does this bad stuff always have to happen to me?...I don't wanna die, Dad."
  • The episode where Al's mother dies. Doubles as bittersweet heartwarming during Tim and Al's speeches at her funeral: Despite all Tim's fat jokes and Al's griping about how she smothered him, Al really loved his mother and Tim was aware of all her great qualities.
  • "Losing My Religion" has Randy volunteering as a hospice and despite thinking he knows what he's signed on for, he bonds fast with the energetic Elaine only the reality to hit him hard when she takes a turn for the worse and doesn't want to see him anymore.
  • The final episode's Curtain Call was this for several members of the cast. Zachary Ty Bryan and Patricia Richardson were openly weeping, while Tim Allen was clearly holding his back.
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  • "My Dinner with Wilson" has Wilson suddenly announcing announces he is moving to Ecuador. Wilson is going through a crisis, as his memories of his wife is beginning to fade, and Wilson can't handle the pain of losing his wife all over again.
  • “Bye, Bye, Birdie” has Brad breaking up with Jennifer(his first love). That happened because Jennifer wouldn’t let Brad copy her homework. Poor Jennifer no longer has a boyfriend.

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