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Tear Jerker / History of Power Rangers

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  • Linkara takes a moment to give Thuy Trang's passing a mention in the Season 1 review.
  • Linkara revealing that David Yost quit during Power Rangers Zeo in the revisited review is a bit sad. Even if you did know beforehand, it's still sad that the last of the original five left because he was harassed by production over his sexuality.
  • The way Linkara talks about how the Power Chamber gets trashed and blown up in the Power Rangers Turbo revisited review feels like he's remembering it as the first time he watched it years ago. The simple statement of "This ain't going to fix itself. This is the end of the base of operations the Rangers have had for five years" is very sullen.
  • Power Rangers in Space
    • The Under Pressure montage at the end of his look at . Even if he took it from SF Debris (with acknowledgement that he got permission) one can't help but get a little choked up.
    Zordon: The world is very lucky to have you, and so am I. May the power protect you always.
    • As Linkara was unable to utilize the above montage for the revised review due to not wanting the risk of getting banned on YouTube, the montage was changed to all the times Zordon imparted his wisdom to the Rangers, showing the changes in team, and ending with the original five doing their "Power Rangers!" chant from Day of the Dumpster.
    And thus the Zordon Era, and the continuous story of the last six seasons and 293 episodes come to a close as Andros shatters the energy tube. And it's just like Astronema says; he has a front row seat to the end of his era.
  • Power Rangers Lost Galaxy:
  • Similar to the Under Pressure scene, Linkara decides to do a montage for the "Grand Finale" of Power Rangers in his Power Rangers RPM review, set to Matchbox 20's "How Far We've Come". While not played during a tragic scene as Zordon's tube breaking, it's still strong enough to put the entirety of Power Rangers in perspective.
  • In the Power Rangers Samurai review, his explanation of the tragedy of Lauren's character can be somewhat disheartening for someone who had never noticed it the first time around. She spends the entire season being treated as Jayden's Replacement Scrappy, but if Jayden had just talked with the others about how he felt instead of up and leaving, it seemed like the others would have welcomed Lauren with open arms.
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  • The Power Rangers Megaforce review is the longest thus far, and by the end of it, Linkara just sounds so... broken. So utterly fed up that he's stopped caring. One of the final rants he gives is one how he really thought that twenty years after Mighty Morphin, things would have picked up, and for the most part, there have not only been seasons of Power Rangers that were well received since then, but children's shows in general since the 90's have gotten better with mature themes, better writing etc. But Megaforce is the complete opposite of that, to the point where he calls the season a mockery of the Power Rangers' history. Even worse, Linkara isn't yelling like he did with the infamous "New Powers" introduction, it's more like he's so drained and disappointed by that point that it's not even worth yelling over.
  • While Power Rangers Dino Charge doesn't really have a Tear Jerker moment, it is rather sad when Lewis mentions in the beginning that there were people who cared in the production of Megaforce who wanted to make the show better, if not passable, but Jonathan Tzachor legitimately didn't want any of their ideas and simply wanted to shoot action scenes with no character development. This especially goes for the actors, who wanted more to work with.
  • Meta:
    • The fall of VidMe probably means we will never see Linkara's awesome HOPR theme song montages on his official channel anymore.
    • In an update vlog, Linkara reluctantly announced that the original videos will not be uploaded anymore (unless you managed to download them on VidMe), meaning that we may never get to see them again. On the plus side, we will still get the remastered versions eventually.

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