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Tear Jerker / Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi

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  • The first episode "Dis-Harmony" ends with Ami and Yumi's former fan ditching them for Kaz, prompting the trio to start crying and try to go after her.
  • On "Brat Attack", the reason why Timmy keeps tormenting Ami and Yumi is that he is lonely and has no friends to play with. Luckily, Ami and Yumi decide to befriend him, which causes the kid to go through a Heel–Face Turn and learn what it's like to have friends.
  • The episode "Yumi Goes Solo" where Yumi gets fed up with Ami and Kaz giving her all the hard work and wishes that the band doesn't exist. Her wishes come true and she starts to realize that Ami and Kaz are having a hard life without her. After realizing what she did, she starts to feel miserable without them and wants things to go back to normal.
  • Yumi getting angry with Ami after the latter ruined her guitar in "Ikkakujuu".
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  • Ami and Yumi get separated from each other on "Allergic" when Kaz thinks that Yumi is allergic to Ami. To make matters worse, Ami leaves the tour bus just so Yumi can stop sneezing.


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