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Tearjerker / Haven

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  • "Love Machine": Audrey II loses all her memories, and Audrey cries because she's lost the closest thing she has to a sister.
    Audrey: Do you know who you are?
    Audrey II: Yes. I am... I... am... Oh, god, I...
    Audrey: It's okay. I'll tell you. Your name is Audrey Parker. You like—you like matinees in empty theaters. You hate runny eggs.
    Audrey II: What else?
    Audrey: You're an FBI agent. You became an FBI agent because you felt that if you could help people, help people in trouble, that you could—that you could connect.
    Audrey II: I'm sorry, I don't remember any of that.
    Audrey: That's okay. That's okay, because I do.
    Audrey II: How?
    Audrey: (tears flowing) You're my friend. We're like sisters.
    • The poor troubled person of the week have to pretty much isolate himself and give up his love interest for her own safety as the machines he repairs comes to life and will kill anyone who tries to get him to leave Haven.
  • "Audrey Parker's Day Off": Thanks to a "Groundhog Day" Loop, Audrey is forced to see the following people get killed by a car in each loop: a little girl, Duke, Nathan, Chris, and finally the girl's father. The father's death ends the loop, and Audrey desperately begs for the loop to continue so he can live again but it doesn't. Audrey blames herself for his death and vows never to take a day off again.
  • "301": Audrey bonds with the woman who was kidnapped alongside her, but their captor brutally kills her seconds before Audrey cuts through her ropes.
    • Even more so on rewatch as it's implied the Bolt-Gun Killer had killed her long before and was impersonating her
  • "Stay" gets a two-for-one moment: Audrey gives up the dog she wanted to keep, because she finds out she's probably going to disappear in two months.
  • "The Farmer": Audrey's actions and inability to properly communicate start alienating Nathan and Duke. The part at the end where Duke, who had at first balked at killing the Troubled man, sees the man's son start to suffer from his condition. Duke snuffs the man out, and though he's ended the Trouble for the man's family, he clearly hates himself.
    • And then there's the look on Duke's face when he realizes that Audrey, his friend, has brought him out here so he can murder someone.
  • How did Dwight's daughter Lizzie die? She inherited his Trouble, the ability to attract bullets.
  • "Sarah": Duke trying so hard to change the past for the better, only to find that it was a Stable Time Loop and there was nothing he could have done.
  • "Last Goodbyes" will have everyone crying for Will Brady. This poor man wakes up to find the entire town in a coma except for Audrey and with amnesia. Then his memory starts slowly coming back, and we find that he was about tell his very good friend how much he really cared about her but the Bolt Gun Killer assaulted him and killed her, putting him in a coma. His family eventually gave up and pulled him off life-support, but his Trouble woke him up by transferring his degenerative coma to everybody else. To save the town (if you are in a degenerative coma without life-support, you will eventually die), he willingly returns to his coma. Audrey puts him back on life-support but is confident he will eventually wake up on his own.
    • This tearjerker partially balances on some damn fine acting from both Emily Rose and Nolan North. Yes, that Nolan North.
  • "Thanks For The Memories": Nathan loses the son he never knew, the woman he loves, and his best friend as the barn implodes.
    Nathan: (tears flowing) Audrey. Audrey! Audrey!
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  • "The Trouble With Troubles": When his wife Susie gets killed by a Trouble, Cliff wishes The Troubles never existed. It works, but Susie doesn't remember him and is married to someone else. And then when the world is restored, Susie goes back to being dead, and William kills Cliff.
  • "When The Bough Breaks": Whenever baby Aaron Harker cries, a random person in town dies. Everyone slowly falls into despair when they can't think of any way to solve this Trouble like they do the others. Eventually, they resort to giving Duke his Trouble back so he can kill Aaron's father and eliminate the Trouble.
    • Not only that one of the victims of Aaron's cries was his own mother. Not only has he now lost both of his parents, they are both dead because of his Trouble. If Aaron ever finds out imagine his emotional turmoil.
  • "Speak No Evil": The revelation that Jennifer is dead, and poor Duke having to accept it to save Nathan.
  • "The Old Switcharoo Part 2": Dwight learns that his sister was killed because she shared his Trouble. A crazy man broke into the hospital where she worked and starting shooting up the place, and she attracted the bullets.
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  • "Exposure": More of Duke's horrible childhood is revealed, and it's gut-wrenching: his junkie mother abandoning him and his brother after their father's death, leading Duke down the road to a life of smuggling and petty crime in order to survive. Until one day, in Boston, he randomly just meets her on the streets... and she doesn't even recognize him, and propositions him for drugs. Damn.
  • In 5x20, "Just Passing Through", Nathan stops Lucy from killing James but then has to tell her that they have to let him die anyway.
  • Duke's Heroic Sacrifice in the series finale.

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