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Tear Jerker / Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • Amos Diggory's grief over his son Cedric's death hasn't healed with time...
  • Astoria's death and the impact it has on Draco and Scorpius.
  • Harry's line to Delphi about how she'll always be an orphan and nothing will ever change that or fully make the pain of it go away, very clearly reflecting his own life experience.
  • Harry breaking down and crying on Halloween's Eve over Albus' disappearance and his sense of guilt over the number of people who have died or suffered trying to save him from Voldemort.
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  • How miserable Albus and Scorpius (each of whom is the other's Only Friend) are during the time that Harry has forced Albus to end their friendship and stay apart from each other.
  • The ultimate sacrifice made by Snape, Hermione, and Ron in the alternate universe in order to give Scorpius a chance at setting everything right — they allow dementors to suck out their souls.
  • Harry having to watch Lily and James' deaths play out in real before his eyes while resigning himself that even if he has the power to change this, he mustn't.
  • The conversation between Harry and Dumbledore's portrait, in which both admit outright for the first time that they did love each other like father and son.
  • Everything about the second alternate universe, where Harry and most of the characters we know are dead and Voldemort rules supreme. Also overlaps with Nightmare Fuel.
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  • In the begining, Albus saying "I didn't ask to be his son" referring to the fact that the other kids compare him to his father, and pretty much saying he's a disappointment for being so bad at magic, and in Slytherin.
  • Harry and Albus' argument "I just wish you weren't my dad!" "And sometimes I wish you weren't my son!"

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