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Tear Jerker / Happy Death Day 2U

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  • Tree’s reaction when she sees Julie (her mom) alive in the alternate timeline. She rushes to her and tearfully hugs her for what feels like (to Tree) the first time in years.
    • This also sets forth one hell of a choice Tree will face with throughout the movie: Return to her original timeline and get back to her current boyfriend, or stay in the timeline where her mother is alive.
  • While conversing with her family Tree's mother mentions a restaurant they had celebrated their joint birthday at. Of course Tree doesn't remember this since in her timeline her mother died before it happened. It is the moment that hits her this timeline isn't really her life and she's devastated.
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  • In the second-to-last loop, Tree talks her parents into leaving town, so they'll all be safe while Ryan, Dre and Samar fix Sisi and close the time-loop, leaving her in this universe. They check into a motel, and Tree sees a report on TV that not only has Tombs escaped, but he's murdered the hapless cop, Lori... and Carter. Her expression when she sees Carter's photo on the screen, knowing he's dead because he took up the job she refused - stopping Tombs and saving Lori - is heartrending.
  • Tree's final "goodbye" to her mother, with the two having a talk about loving each other and celebrating her birthday.
  • Tree telling AU!Lori that she wishes things could have been different between them. Lori doesn’t even know what she’s talking about.

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