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Tear Jerker / Hackbent

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  • The last words of Haeton and Rodard before being posessed.
    Haeton: ☄*i just want my friends to be happy, I want to be happy!
    Haeton: ☄*i've died, I'm done!
    Haeton: ☄*i've been an aggressive bully and I want to fix things!
    Haeton: ☄*please.
    Haeton: ☄*whoever you are, just go away!

    Rodard: <>"Why...are you doing this to us!?"<>

  • After he gets obliterated, Vihnie says to Rodard he has to keep the jar containing Lutark's ashes. Considering what happens later, one can only wonder what happened to the jar.
    • As of this update, we now know what happened to it...

  • The reactions of Ollapa and Ellata after Ollapa's Seer powers are taken away. You can see the sheer confusion on their faces.


  • The PMMM crossover. While most of it is the same as in canon, there are altered details like the fact god tier does not exist in the AU, which means that dead characters whose dreamself is also gone, can never come back.
    Atoner!Cyrill contracts after Assassin!Alleph killed most of her friends. ‘I…wish to find a way to outrun this…’
    Assassin!Alleph gets obliterated from existence before his Soul Gem can fully corrupt to a Grief Seed, locking him forever in that process.
    • This combination with the latest flash, and the title of the music, Amicae Carae Maea note .

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