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Tear Jerker / HIVE

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  • Eun-Sung word in ch. 0 that if he knew that before going to work the time he spent with his family was their last moment as a family he would have given his sleeping daughter a peck.
  • A little kid gives bread to the MC Eun-Sung Lee and ask him to save her parents who were taken by the bugs. Seeing the kid ask this and knowing that her parents are already lost Lee can't bring himself to say anything and only stand while shaking.
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  • During the evacuation said kid see her father waving for her from a distance and she run to him only for her to find out that he has been turned into a host. Also, judging from his tears that he still has some intelligent to recognise his daughter.
  • The fact that the host still have a bit of intelligence to recognise their families and cry show you that they are prisoners in their own bodies and are being used to hurt them, their own loved ones. That alone is a fate worse than death.
  • While hiding in a tunal, the soldiers who were driving the truck notice that the neck of one them has a huge plester that leack a green substance that seems to attract the bugs justlike the hosts. The other soldier pulled out a gun, but the first soldier insists that he is not a host and state that he will prove it. He get out of the truck to lure the bugs away while holding a grande in his hand. The bugs catch a kill the soldier then the grande explodes. The other soldier could not do a thing other than apologies to his dead comrade all while crying.
    • What makes it worse is that those who were saved by the soldier Heroic Sacrifice were later killed by humans not bugs. Which means that the soldier sacrifice was rendered useless by the greed and selfishness of mankind.
    • And more is that we don't know what happened to the children and they were taken so those who took them do not get conscripted.
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  • The MC doesn't get much happiness when he find his family in the evaction centre as they are attacked and then taken by the bugs right in front of him and he cold not do anything to stop it. Also, if he had done something like shooting the bug that took his family he could have hit them.
  • After being captured by the bastard director Choi Eun-Sung is threatened with injecting his daughter Hyejin with the human-bugs hybrid transformation needle only for her mother to step in and offer herself in place of her daughter.
  • Cruelly the bastard director Choi inject the MC Eun-Sung wife and threats the MC to have her eat her daughter in front of him if he doesn't gives him what he wants
  • As if being inject with the human-bugs hybrid transformation wasn't bad enough the bugs attack and take the wife, and transform her into their own qeen.
  • After so much fight against monstrosities and near death experience the MC Eun-Sung finally reached his wife only for him to find her to be transformed into a hybrid queen. And to make it worse she doesn't remember nor recognise him and even worse she tries to kill him. However, even then Eun-Sung don't want his wife to die and make sure not to let go a grande he was going to throw in order to keep his wife who can't remember nor recognise him alive.
    • The look on the MC face as he walks away with the grande. Seeing his face and Broken Tears and knowing he thinks of his daughter and apologizing to the old man for not being able to repay him before collapsing.

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