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Tear Jerker / Guilty Crown: The Lost Kingdoms

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With both animes have powerful sad moments, this crossover is no exception.

  • The setting shows that most of Japan's heroes: the Sailor Senshi, Spirit Detectives, Digimon, and the Duelists have all been perish by Lost Christmas. It feels foreboding that their golden age is over to begin with.
  • Chapter 5. Gai's first death like in episode 12 despite his best to reunite with Mana's spirit. Ayase's reaction to it is emotional.
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  • Chapter 6. Shu's hand is cut off by a revived Gai, Hare's death is just as powerful like in the anime, and Inori's determination to protect Shu before she gets kidnapped once more.
  • The final chapter before Shu and Inori's deaths with these two words, "Merry Christmas".

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