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Tear Jerker / Goodbye My Princess

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  • Cheng Ji's death. Cheng Yin saves him from one attack and tries to pull him onto his horse. But he's too badly injured, so he yells at Cheng Yin to go and turns to fight again. Cheng Yin can only watch from a distance as the Danchi kill Cheng Ji.
  • Xiao Feng is tied up with A Du in a tent while the camp is attacked. They finally manage to escape, and Xiao Feng runs outside. She's just in time to see Cheng Yin behead her grandfather. At first she doesn't know it's him. Later, as she hugs Cheng Yin and says she was afraid he'd been killed, she sees his armour and recognises it.
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  • Gu Jian and A Du fight for several minutes before Xiao Feng picks up the whistling arrow Gu Jian once gave her. He stops fighting and watches as she holds it and remembers how happy they were earlier. Then she drops it off the cliff. After that Gu Jian gives up and lets A Du stab him.
  • After losing her memories, Xiao Feng hears again about Cheng Yin's part in her grandfather's death. For the second time she's left heartbroken and betrayed because of his actions.
  • Yong Ning and Xiao Feng watch Luo Xi's wedding procession, and reflect on how lucky she is to marry the man she loves when most princesses don't have that option.
  • Gu Jian's death. Xiao Feng begs Cheng Yin to spare him and A Du, but he orders the archers to fire on them anyway. She can only hold Gu Jian as he dies, while remembering their life back in Xizhou.
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  • In their final confrontation Xiao Feng reminds Cheng Yin she asked him to do three things for him. She only chose one thing before, so now she chooses the last two: he'll never attack Xizhou, and he'll live well. Cheng Yin agrees, and expects her to put her knife down. Instead she kills herself.
  • The epilogue shows that years later Cheng Yin still refuses to accept Xiao Feng's death. He sets off for Xizhou to search for her, and imagines she's waiting for him in the place where they first met.


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