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Tear Jerker / Golden Age

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First Contact:

The Great Escape:

  • Crabdad dying in a failed attempt to fight the pirates.

Dream Sequencer:

  • "He's dead, right? He died."
    • "Ultimately, the hows and whys of Mui's death did not matter. He was gone, and no one would ever even get to know his name."
    • "He is dead," he repeated, mostly for his own benefit, so he could somehow embrace the notion. "He's dead and gone, and he died in pain, and he lived in pain for as long as I knew him, and everyone else is afraid out there and I'm here. I'm here among Troll Burton houses and puffy clouds while he's gone and dead."

Stillness of Hours

  • Karkat finding out that a lot of people in the Coalition view him as a tragic hero because he tried so hard to save Mui and failed.


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