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Tear Jerker / Gandhi

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  • The depiction of the Jallianwala Bagh massacre.
    • Gandhi seeing the blood stains that were left behind.
  • During his hunger strike to end Hindu-Muslim violence and religious riots.
    *A man strides into Gandhi's dwelling and throws bread at his feet*
    Man: Eat...EAT! I am going to hell, but I will not have your death on my soul!
    Gandhi: Only God decides who goes to hell.
    Man: I killed a child! A Muslim infant! I picked it up and smashed its head against a wall!
    Gandhi: Why?
    Man: Because they killed my son! The Muslims killed my only son! *indicates the boy's height by holding a hand around his waist, starts crying* He was just a little boy, about so tall...
    Gandhi: I know a way out of hell. Go out into the streets and find a little boy...
    *Gandhi holds his hand around the height of the man's waist.*
    Gandhi: ...about so tall, whose mother and father have been killed. Take him home and raise him as your own. Only, be sure that he is a Muslim, and be sure that you raise him as such.
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  • The death of Ba, Gandhi's wife. The look of absolute sadness and despair on Ben Kingsley's face is heartbreaking.
  • Gandi's own death, depicted at both the beginning (From Godse's point of view) and end (From Gandhi's own point of view) of the film, and his final words "Oh, God!". And his voice-over during his cremation and scattering of ashes is pretty heartbreaking too.


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