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Tear Jerker / GARO: The Animation

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  • Right from the start there's already a couple of events:
    • Anna - Germán's wife and Leon's mother - giving birth to him while being burned alive at the cost of her life.
    • The fates of the various Makai Knights and Priests in the city. They were protectors and guardians of the people from Horrors, yet they were killed - or worse for the female priests - by the same people they were protecting from. But worst of all, this all happen because one fatal mistake: Sparing the life of mad Makai Mendoza after branding him with curse marks for his crimes without anticipating the possibility of him turned normal humans against Makai, resulting the order became shadow of its former self for decades to come.
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  • While Mendoza indeed deserved to be punished, you can't help but feel bad for him afterwards. He manages to put his life back together and actually do a few good things, such as dispelling a plague and aiding his new best friend, the king, in his military endeavors. He even has a wife and a kid. Sadly, the child winds up inheriting the brand he received as punishment for murdering humans, so he kills his family in a fit of despair and rage and swears to eradicate every Makai in Valiante and beyond.
  • León lost the right to use the GARO armour after Episode 12. We all know that the GARO armour was what he inherited from his dead mother, and possibly the single connection left with her; yet he let his rage consumed him and (unwitfully, but still) decimated half of Santa Bard, resulting his armour transferred to Alfonso, thus severed his only connection with his mother and his duty as a Makai Knight. Some may not be so pitiful to him over this issue, but seeing him broke down crying, begging Alfonso his armour be returned to him wasn't something should be laughed at.
  • Lara and her family's death. And even the dog! Up until this point, León managed to slowly recover his loss of GARO armour, mentally and physically, able to smile genuinely and even prepared to live a new life as a farmer forever with Lara's family...... And then a random Horror comes and killed them all. Seriously, where's the tissue box?
    • Even for those who hated Alfonso for "stealing" his armour may share his sadness as well: Even as a Makai Knight (or for that matter, a Golden Knight), there're times that they will fail to protect their important fellows. Especially after Alfonso promised to fight for León's share (and to protect what he treasures) as well in the first half. For those who able to understood Alfonso's motives in confiscating GARO armor and León's mindset on the other hand, they knew better Alfonso reluctantly did it as León yet to worthy enough for GARO armor due to his rage over his mother's killers led him only see the armor as weapon for vengeance at that time.
  • Germán's death. We don't even see his death, we just see his sword encapsulated in a piece of red crystal. And it's all the more heartbreaking and disturbing for it.
    • To drive it home, when León goes to Makai for the final battle, we see his spirit for one last heartfelt conversation with León before his final farewell.

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