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Tear Jerker / Frozen (2018)

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  • As if the deaths of the king and queen weren't heartbreaking enough, the show retools their tragedy by killing them off while Anna and Elsa are still kids! Elsa's tragic inner struggles are only worsened by this new layer of childhood trauma. This means the sisters spend ten years with effectively no family, isolated from each other and with their parents dead, rather than just the three years of the film.
    • During the Denver production, Anna's final lines in "Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?" are sung when she’s still a young girl. In the Broadway production and cast album, after the funeral, the song then time leaps from Young Anna at the door to now 18-year-old Anna at the door. Anna asks Elsa if she’s ready for coronation and if Elsa wants to take a walk or just sit and talk, and if there’s anything Anna can do for her before coronation day. On the other side, Elsa then quietly sings “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?” to the audience, indicating her own sadness at not being able to connect with Anna.
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    • In the film, at least a few years pass between Elsa's panic at her growing powers and the last time the king and queen interact with her. In the stage adaptation, the last interaction Elsa has with her mother is when the latter tries to comfort her with Elsa saying "I don't want to hurt you."
  • Some of the new songs are grade-A heartbreakers, since they dive deep into the psyches of our main characters.
    • "Dangerous to Dream": Elsa ponders on keeping her life a secret from Anna, and yearns for the day where she can finally open up and reconnect with her sister after all these years. But then she wonders, would it be too dangerous to free herself and act on her own will? Or is she doomed to spend her whole life behind closed doors?
      Elsa: I wish I could tell the truth, show you who's behind the door.
      I wish you knew what all this pantomime and pageantry was for.
      I have to be so cautious, and you're so extreme.
      We're different, you and I,
      And it's dangerous to dream.
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    • "Monster", Elsa's big BSoD Song. As the mob makes its way to the castle to hunt her down, Elsa wonders if her childhood fear is finally coming true: becoming a monster. Isolating herself with a barrage of icicles, she calls upon her dead parents and asks them if the only way to end the curse is to let the mob kill her, but even then, she's still unsure if it'll help vanquish the storm.
    • "True Love", sung by Anna after Hans leaves her to freeze to death. As the cold within her heart starts to slowly overcome her, Anna looks around and finds that she's in the same room where Elsa shut her out when they were still children. Realizing that her misguided understanding of true love put her in grave danger, she quietly accepts that she's doomed to die a "lonely girl with a desperate heart".
      Anna: I was looking for a fairy tale, and dove headfirst into his.
      Turns out you can't find love if you don't know what it is.
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  • The slow, sad reprise of "Do You Want to Build a Snowman?" that plays after Anna has been fully frozen.
  • The long silence before the realization that Anna is hurt hits Elsa. Her screams for Anna and for her parents to come help can send chills down the audience's spine.


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