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Tear Jerker / Frequency

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The Movie

  • A small one, when John goes to see Sam in her office, and discovers she doesn't recognize him. John has the amazing ability to look like a puppy that's been kicked.
  • When John looks through the Nightingale files, and learns his mother is now one of his victims.
    John: (throws down the file in shock) No!
  • The first night John and Frank spend on the radio after John saves his father's life.
  • Frank's inability to save Sissy Clark from the Nightingale, later he blames himself for being unable to prevent it.

The Series

  • Raimy and Frank both unable not to cry hearing each other's voices. That's followed by Frank begging Raimy (who grew up believing he was dirty) that he was a good cop undercover.
  • Raimy hit by memories of this new timeline where Frank lived to see her join the police force and regarded as a hero cop.
    • Raimy then learning from Gordo (and "remembering") Frank dying in a car crash in 2011.
  • Raimy's stunned reaction when she goes to meet her fiancée Daniel at a restaurant only to learn that thanks to how she's changed the timeline, he has no memory of ever meeting her and is dining with the woman who's now his girlfriend in this timeline.
  • Raimy slumps down crying when she realizes her mother vanished in 1997, a victim of the Nightingale Killer, who has been on a murder spree for twenty years.
  • Raimy meets Daniel again at a bar and tries to be cool but clearly is on the verge of coming apart when the man she loves treats her as a total stranger who's stalking him.
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  • Jules breaking up with Frank for good even though she clearly still loves him deeply and isn't hiding it. When she leaves, Frank starts crying alone.
  • Raimy remembering the altered timeline where Frank was her training officer on her first day on the force. This includes Raimy trying in vain to save a murdered woman and Frank having to stop her.
    • That's followed by her having to break the news to the girl's parents who naturally react badly.
  • Amanda Baldwin, a former Nightingale victim, getting murdered in 2016 after Frank managed to prevent the Nightingale from killing her in 1996. Made even more tragic by the fact that the Nightingale murdered her only to mess with the Sullivans.
  • After the show was canceled, the CW had the producers put together a special epilogue: Frank fixes the radio to talk to Raimy and hear how the Nightingale Killer was caught after all and recently died in jail. Raimy then shares how Frank dies in 2011, begging him to not leave the house that day as her mom misses him so much. She begs him to listen and get the message as the radio dies. She then hears "I got it, kiddo" and turns around to see an aged but alive Frank standing behind her, and they embrace as the series ends. Definitely a happy tear-jerker.

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