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Tear Jerker / Forever Evil

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  • In the finale, Bizarro dies fighting Alexander Luthor. Lex kneels by the dying body of his surrogate son and we see just how close they've grown in the short time they've known each other.
    Captain Cold: Forget that thing. It was just a monster anyway.
    Lex Luthor: But he was MY monster!
    • Crosses over into a Heartwarming Moment when in the epilogue, he reveals that he is restarting the cloning program to recreate Bizarro, not make a perfect Superman clone.
  • Lex also reveals through inner monologue that his terminally ill sister never died, but he considers his efforts to save her a failure as they left her an invalid. He then calls her and promises to visit her.
  • A small, yet subtle, one is Alexander Luthor's expression at the time of his death which speaks volumes about the man who wasted his life trying to save Earth 3 and destroy the Crime Syndicate.
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  • Batman desperately insists he can disarm the bomb which Dick is strapped on without killing the young man, but it's obvious he can't so Luthor decides to Shoot the Dog and suffocate Dick in front of a Batman restrained by Bizarro, forcing Bruce to see his son die while he's unable to save him. It didn't stick, but still.

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