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Tear Jerker / Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade

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  • The death of Hector and Lilina's reaction. In the 6th game, you barely know Hector. Then you play the 7th game... Many Westerners may have started with the 7th game. If they get interested in the series and want to play the previous game for back-story, they're in for a nasty surprise.
    • Whats even worse is that it's likely a very large amount of the Blazing Blade cast that aren't mentioned in the Binding Blade are actually probably dead at this point; the game indirectly confirms Lucius died and a Japanese only manga confirms that Oswin died in the same battle as Hector.
  • Fae and Sophia have a heart-wrenching support conversation: Fae was crying due to the fact her lifespan is longer than Sophia's, and she didn't want Sophia to die before her and leave her all alone. Her conversation with Igrene is just as saddening: she mistook Igrene explaining to her that her friend, Igrene's daughter, was dead because she said "she went somewhere far away". Fae thought that she did something to make her daughter mad, and if she was good, she'd come back.
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  • We also have Idunn. She was a Divine Dragon, just like Fae. When the Dragons were losing the war, she was abducted by her own people, who ripped out her soul and turned her into a demonic emotionless shell who just churned out war dragons in a last effort to win. When Fae finds out, it is absolutely heartbreaking to see the little girl ask Roy if she (Fae) is going to end up the same way. Couple this with her theme song. If you're done crying, it does end with hope: Roy saves her and takes her back to Nabata, where her soul is restored and the ending shows that, with time and help from Fae, she will recover.
  • Most Star-Crossed Lovers people in Fire Emblem Elibe do end up here. Especially Melady and Galle in the 6th game (it's especially tearjerking when you actually let Melady kill Galle in one of the last levels — just check the conversation they'll have), also Priscilla and Heath in the 7th game. Guy also adheres to this, but his relationship doesn't go as much Tear Jerking as the Heath-Priscilla A Support... Thank goodness for Erk, or she wouldn't have any happy romantic endings at all.
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  • Another Star-Crossed Lovers pair is Igrene and Gorlois... now known as Astolfo.
    Astolfo: ... I'm sorry to say this to you, but... That guy is dead. He was devoured by the quicksand of Nabata. All this stuff about spies and whatnot... It's just your imagination. Or perhaps you saw an illusion in the desert heat.
    Igrene: ... I... see... Then... I must have been dreaming... I must have had a dream of a short period of happiness...
    Astolfo: ... Igrene... No... Sorry, forget it.
    Igrene: ...
    Astolfo: Just... forget it all... Please.
  • The implied death of Guy between FE7 and FE6. In his A support with Karel, master and student agree to meet in one year and test their swords against one another. In FE6, Karel appears, while Guy does not, implying that he was killed in their duel.
    • In the sixth game, Karel has mellowed out significantly and lost his blood lust. He quickly downplays his title, Sword Saint, stating that it is a lie. He tells the younger Blood Knights that there is more to life than just fighting, and by the time he figured it out, he lost something important. It's not clear if he's referring to his sister Karla, who he did not visit as she lay dying from disease, or Guy, his peer and friend who he may have killed. Of course, given that Karel is unaware of Karla's death until he is recruited by either his niece or brother-in-law, that doesn't leave many options.
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  • Zelot and Noah's supports about the dangerous lives of mercenaries and the letters they write to give to their loved ones when they die. It ends poignantly.
    Zelot: ...A letter arrived today. It was your comrade's...Grant's will.
    Noah: ... I see.
    Zelot: Would you like to read it?
    Noah: ... No.
    Zelot: Alright. Then let's go.
    Noah: Yes.
  • Noah's support with Juno may be short and to the point, but their B support reveals that Juno's old rival was none other than Sigune on the Ilia route, who needed to be killed to proceed. The following lament on Juno's part is very saddening to see.


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