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Tear Jerker / Fantastic Four Duology
aka: Fantastic Four 2005

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While the Fantastic Four films are action packed and hilarious, they are not without their tearjerking moments.

Fantastic Four

  • The Thing (Ben), when he encounters his fiancee. It's implied that the two had a very happy relationship, but as soon as she sees his new form. Debbie won't even let him explain and runs away screaming.
  • Despite the fact that the Four successfully save the lives of countless people on the bridge, the scene still ends rather sadly when Debbie arrives and leaves her ring on the bridge. When Ben attempts to pick it up, he then finds that he can't, due to the fact that his fingers are too big for the job. Ben cradling it sadly in his hands after Reed picks it up for him just seals the whole deal.
    • Just the way Debbie flinches away from him when he tries to approach her. Before this, you can see Ben had started to smile, clearly thinking that she'd come to tell him their relationship was still mendable. However, as soon as she shrinks away from him, Ben just stops, and you can just see it on his face that he knows their engagement is over for good.
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    • The Storms are visibly saddened for Ben as well, and the whole thing is so heartbreaking that even Johnny has nothing to say for once.
  • Though the "I'll take the stairs" moment is played for comedic effect, the resigned way he says it, paired with the sad look on his face as the doors close, reminds the audience that Ben's physical appearance isn't the only change he's going to be dealing with from now on.
  • Ben storms off after Johnny embarrasses him yet again in front of a massive crowd. When Sue tries to placate him, he has this to say:
    Ben: Susie, look at me. You got no idea what I'd ... what I'd give to be invisible.
  • The Thing's story arc is a bit of a tearjerker on it's own. And Michael Chiklis's performance of the character for both films made it work.
  • The script revealed that after she walked out of Reed's room, Sue stood outside his door, waiting for him to get her back. She leaves after 10 minutes. No wonder she's hurt by his apparent lack of affection.

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer

  • Sue's brief death due to saving the Surfer from Doom.
    • The heartbroken look on Johnny's face when he returns from defeating Doom and sees that his sister has died without him by her side.


  • Jessica Alba had a kidney infection while doing the space station scene.

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