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Tear Jerker / End Roll

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  • The backstory of Russell.
    • His father as an alcoholic while his mother only cares about sexual enjoyment. He never experienced any true love in his family, thus jealous of the love experienced by Gardenia, Cody and Dogma and having antisocial disorder which probably made him kill others without feeling guilt.
    • Even when his pet rabbit died in a car accident, he couldn't feel any sadness but only anger towards the bystanders.
    ...But no one tried to do anything about the corpse. They just look at it like something dirty, spoke in a whisper, and passed on by. That was when I learned that "pity" was nothing but lip service.
    • When Russell finally believed that adults can be nice after meeting Yumi in real life, only to have his father murder her, so Russell kills his father and mother in anger.
  • Before the first True End, Russell has to confess to one of the people he had killed about the truth. No one wanted to kill him like he did to them, even when they had remembered everything.
    • Special mention goes to Cody, Dogma and Yumi. Cody and Dogma don't want to forgive him but don't want him to die either, while Yumi assures Russell that he's not a bad person.
    Cody: As much as I hate you, I can't...I can't just leave you in this fire!!
    Dogma: You will likely never be forgiven. You can only atone in one way...You will suffer our same pain...N-no! I can't do it...Russell, stand up! Hurry and escape this place...!
    Yumi: Ya don't look like yer old man at all. You're a better man, hundred percent.
    • Everybody also reassures Russell that the time that he was with them is fun.

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