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Tear Jerker / 80 Days

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  • Fogg can die on the North Pole route. Passepartout is describes having to bury his body before being so distressed that he simply walks out onto the ice, and is never seen again.
  • Probably the most morally despicable thing Passepartout can do in the game: eavesdrop on Diallo, an infertile woman who wished for a child so much she built one named Aissatou. Threaten Diallo and have her buy your silence with a shard that used to serve as Aissatou's brain before she received a new one. Remember your old friends the Sisters of Madras, who are interested in automata with human emotions. Sell them the shard, then tell them all about Aissatou. Have Diallo come after Passepartout and Fogg with a shotgun and all the fury of a kidnapped child's mother. Worse still, Passepartout can have her looming over him with a gun to his head and still tell her that Aissatou is not her daughter.
  • While it is also listed on the Heartwarming page, the Indian woman and British commissioner to Waltair who fell in love will probably never see each other again, something which clearly causes the woman pain.
  • An Artificer in Istanbul used to mentor a student he almost considered his daughter. She left him and went into piracy, and now steals pieces of a long-ago dismantled boy automaton the Artificer lovingly created for the Ottoman court.
    Artificer: Behiye sends me the pieces of one lost child, hoping it will help me forget another.
  • Herr Danzer in Vienna is so deeply disturbed by the automata army and his own part in facilitating it that he begins openly weeping when he and Passepartout talk about it. He's also implied to have an alcoholism problem and can appear in Lisbon near the end of the game, drunk and claiming his life has been left in tatters.
  • Fluffing up the rescue of Helena Kapodistrias has some disturbing implications- what do kidnappers do with Artificers whose inventions they want to claim for themselves? Even Passepartout despairs over her disappearance after failing to find her.
  • The runaway Ottoman princess may take to the streets alone, if Passepartout doesn't intervene. He observes that alone in the world is no way to be, and a newspaper headline later states that she is still missing and there is little hope she will be found.
  • Ráijá Juho, one of very few Sámi people to have ever joined the Artificers' Guild, is in a constant culture clash between her people and the rest of the world, expressed when she had to betray the Guild on her father's orders and then had to beg him to save the lives of the stranded expeditioners near the North Pole.