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Tear Jerker / Eight Crazy Nights

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  • The Reveal that Davey's abysmal attitude was the result of his parents' fatal car accident on the way to his basketball game when he was 12. During Hanukkah, no less.
  • When Davey finally reads his parents' Hanukkah card, imagining their voices for the first time in almost twenty years, he finally accepts his feelings and slumps on the floor of the empty mall, tears streaming down his face.
    Happy Chanukah, to our wonderful son
    You fill our lives with joy
    You beautiful, twelve year old boy.
  • Long Ago "It all seems so long ago/ Young and happy, don'cha know?"
  • Davey publicly taking out his anger on Whitey after being forced to listen to him describe his parent's afore-mentioned death by calling him and Eleanore every mean name he can think of, then capping it off by yelling at Whitey that nobody in town knows he exists.
    (To Eleanore) "Did you read anything [in Reader's Digest] about a deformed referee who spends 35 years trying to win some stupid patch, so he can pretend people actually like him?"
    • Following this, Whitey angrily tells Davey that he's not welcome in his home anymore, which Davey throws back in his face by whipping around and screaming "GOOD, YOUR HOUSE SUCKS!" The shot from Whitey's POV of Davey's reaction perfectly illustrates just how horrible it feels when someone yells at you.
  • Whitey failing to get the Dukesberry All-Stars Patch for the 35th year straight, and the last year he was going to be eligible for it due to retiring from his volunteer work. Seeing someone work so hard and not get the recognition they richly deserve for it is heartbreaking. True to his character, Whitey just stands up, applauds for the winner, and excuses himself without saying a word, clearly looking on the verge of tears the whole time.
    Davey: (Echoed from their earlier argument) Nobody in this town even knows you exist!
    • Additionally, Davey's shaming of pretty much the entire town, showing just what Whitey'd done for them, or what they'd done to him for that entire time. If you didn't see Whitey as a Woobie before, you sure as hell would after that.
  • Meta: Adam Sandler's father Stan, who voiced Davey's father, died not long after the film came out. On his son's 37th birthday, no less.


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