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Tear Jerker / Ducktales 2017 Season 2

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    The Most Dangerous Game... Night! 
  • The premise of the whole episode is basically Louie feeling left out of the group and questioning his worth as part of an adventuring family. This can hit close to home for a lot of people who have trouble fitting in.
    Louie: You guys all have your things. Mom was great at adventuring, and she still got hurt. I'm only good at talking my way out of it. How long before that's not enough?
  • The Gyropuddlians had every settlement that they tried to build destroyed by the manor's inhabitants (and not even intentionally). No wonder they're so mad.
    • Fortunately at the end it's revealed that Louie gave them the Scroog-opoly board to live on.
  • The moment when Louie, after his increasingly desperate attempts all night to avoid another adventure, finally admits to Huey what's really going on.
    Louie: (rocking back and forth with a forced grin) Just a fun night in. No stress. Wonderful memories.
    Huey: Hey! What is up with you?!
    Louie: Nothing, I'm just lovably lazy!
    Huey: No, seriously! Why have you been so down on adventuring lately?
  • When Louie arrives to speak with Scrooge privately, he clearly believes that his uncle is going to let him have it for causing so much trouble. And all because Louie was tired of adventuring and just wanted a break.
    Louie: I have 13 different apologies depending on how mad you are.
    Scrooge: Close the door.
    Louie: Oh, you're that mad.

    The Depths of Cousin Fethry! 
  • Both Donald and Scrooge find Fethry's antics and eccentricities so annoying to the point where they don't even want to pick up the phone when he calls. It is also implied that the only reason Fethry was given the job as janitor of the underwater laboratory was to keep him out of Scrooge's feathers.
  • After finding out that Fethry is simply an Almighty Janitor and not a scientist, Huey basically accuses Fethry of luring him and Dewey out to the middle of nowhere to kill them. The look on Fethry's face makes it clear that that's the last thing he was trying to do.
  • When Fethry is fighting with Dewey over the spotlight to stop the younger duck from blinding Mitzy, he quotes the Junior Woodchuck Guide Rule Two to Huey. As he does so his voice becomes pleading; he's all but begging one of his family members, and one that shares so many similarities with him, to trust his judgment on why he does what he does. Fortunately for the three of them, Huey complies.

    The Ballad of Duke Baloney! 
  • The fact that Flintheart Glomgold had to get amnesia in order to be truly happy. And then he gets his memory back.
  • Duke's (former?) fisherman friends' reactions to him getting his memories back. Sure, we know that what's happened is he turned back into Glomgold but from their perspective, their new friend and family member pulled a sudden Face–Heel Turn out of nowhere and hurt two innocent kids for no reason.

    The Town Where Everyone Was Nice! 
  • The way Donald says, "I was so awesome," about his time in the Three Caballeros, when Scrooge dismissively calls it Donald's "college band" and not even Webby knows of it. Given he can play a mean bass and accordion, Donald could have gone into a music career, but he gave it up to raise the triplets. Scrooge tries to tell him that sacrificing his dreams to raise his family is no small thing, but Donald doesn't listen.
  • It's kind of sad that all of the Three Caballeros feel they need to lie to the other two members about being more successful than they actually are. Despite the genuine happiness of their reunion, there is an awkwardness and discomfort between them because of this.
    • Donald finally tells Jose and Panchito that he's not a billionaire, and that he lied to impress them. Panchito starts to chew him out... and then a guilty-looking Jose admits he also lied. This makes Panchito even angrier...and then he deflates and confesses that he's a liar as well.
    • Jose Carioca's good-natured comment that they are still the same as they were in their college days is poignant. On one hand, it alludes to Donald and his friends trying to recapture the coolness they enjoyed, or rather imagined, from their college days, but on the other hand one can see it as Jose saying they are still being stuck and fixated on the past happiness rather than their present or the future.

    Storkules in Duckburg! 
  • When Storkules learns that Louie spent all the profits on merchandising and can't pay him, he becomes so dejected about being unable to fulfill his adult responsibilities (such as paying Donald rent for living on his houseboat) he actually declares out loud that he's no longer a hero.

    The Last Christmas! 
  • Scrooge's reaction to seeing the past version of Goldie.
  • Della leaving Donald clues on where her whereabouts were, so they could spend Christmas together.
  • Donald's promise to Della.
    Donald: I promise, we'll never spend another Christmas apart.
    • A lot about Donald in this episode becomes both sad and heartwarming on further thought. As a kid, Della was the one who really loved Christmas, while Donald was more interested in playing grunge music. In the present, Donald plays nothing but Christmas carols all day long. Present! Donald also spends most of the episode wearing an ugly Christmas sweater. The ending, complete with Match Cut, shows that Della gave it to him. At the time it was a badly thought out gift: too big for him. So he simply never took it off, until it was just his size. It implication is clear: Donald loves Christmas because his sister loved Christmas, and keeps it because she isn't there to.
  • Which is the preamble to the real heartbreaker: All Dewey wanted was to have his mom on Christmas. Once Della realizes Dewey is from the future, Dewey tries to save her from her terrible fate, only for Della to stop him...because truth is, even though he's in a position to, he can't warn her because to do so would lead to a time paradox. After that, Dewey has no choice but to leave things the way they are and let her go.
  • The whole situation with the Ghost of Christmas Past, who is so lonely that he's willing to try and strand Scrooge in the past forever. And then when Scrooge grabs his umbrella away from him and escapes, he becomes a Wendigo...
  • The end with Della, still on the moon, looking longingly at her family picture and greeting them a merry Christmas.
  • Since Donald and Della have their well-used room in the mansion, and Scrooge is mentioned but not their parents, it's pretty clear the twins have already been orphaned and taken in by Scrooge by that Christmas, which may be the source of Donald's Emo Teen phase.
  • Donald comes into Dewey's room irritated at his ditching the rest of the family, but upon seeing that Dewey was looking at a picture of Della, his eyes widen and he just leaves, clearly having no idea what to say.
    • In fact, Donald tries to invite Dewey to sing carols after seeing the picture, an awkward smile on his face. And he still can't bring himself to talk about Della to the boys, possibly because he himself is still too hurt by her loss, or possibly because he knows he would have to acknowledge to the boys that Della put adventuring ahead of being with her soon to hatch sons, and he's not ready to have that conversation.

    What Ever Happened to Della Duck?! 
  • Let's just say the entire episode is one big tearjerker. Especially since most of the episode is Della's futile attempts of trying to get back to earth.
    • Della spends her time on the moon assuming Donald and Uncle Scrooge are co-raising her sons, complete unaware that Donald blamed Scrooge for her being stuck on the moon, left the mansion and tried to raise them by himself for ten years before he finally reconciled with Scrooge.
    • It's rather painful to watch Della put all her faith in her attempts to be spotted and rescued, or build a new ship to escape the moon when the audience is already well aware from the Season 1 finale that every attempt she makes is doomed to fail, and she'll be spending ten years (a full decade) trapped there. Della spends all those years in total isolation with no one but her thoughts and a Moon Mite to keep her company, knowing her sons are presumably being raised by their uncles and she's missing out on all that time with them: their entire childhoods. She also had to amputate her leg after the crash. As seen in "The Last Crash Of The Sunchaser", Della made a reckless and impulsive decision to prioritize her wanderlust over her commitment to her family, and she paid dearly for her hubris. As the episode stretches on and she starts to lose hope, it's clear that Della is well aware of that as well, considering herself to be a failure of a mother.
  • The reveal that the Moon Mite that has been thwarting Della's attempts to leave has a baby of its own; it stole the Spear of Selene so they could eat the metal.
  • Della's lullaby. In the tune of the Moon Theme from the video game.
    Della: I used to sing this old song to my boys before they hatched...
    Look to the stars, my darling baby boys
    Life is strange and vast, full of wonders and joys
    Face each new sun with eyes clear and true
    Unafraid of the unknown, because I'll face it all with you.
  • Della realizes while celebrating the boys' first birthday that she doesn't actually know what they look like.
  • To anyone who grew up watching the show and playing the game, the feels are intense.

    The 87 Cent Solution! 
  • Even though it was Played for Laughs, Donald crying at Scrooge's funeral. Donald still mourns about his sister and just when he's reconciled with Scrooge, his uncle "dies" too. Even though the funeral was just a ploy, the others completely forgot to tell Donald it was fake, so he really thought his father figure has passed away, to the point that he left prematurely.

    The Golden Spear! 
  • When Della lists things that she hopes to do with her sons after she's returned home, they're all things that, unbeknownst to her, they've already done without her.
  • The ending.
    • Della finally makes it back on Earth and crash lands the rocket at a nearby place where Donald happens to be waiting for a bus so he could finally go on vacation...but instead, Donald sees the rocket and run towards it.
      Donald: Della?! DELLA?! Where are you?!
    • Donald accidentally initiates the Spear of Selene's launch sequence and his attempts of stopping the rocket from launching is futile and Donald gets blasted off to space. While his family thinks he's safe on vacation.
    • The irony hits 10 tens more when the episode closes with Della looking up at the gates of McDuck Manor..and she's just crying Tears of Joy: She's finally home.
    • It's been 10 years since Della has gone missing, and Donald has been on his fair share of adventures with Scrooge and the kids, yet the moment he sees a rocket come plummeting down to earth, he instantly think it's Della. While it's natural for us the viewers to expect that, as we have just followed Della's entire story up until this moment, from Donald's perspective it was just a casual (for him) day. It implies he never stopped thinking about Della, even after his entire family have come to accept that she's gone.
    • It gets even worse when you realize that the vacation the Mcducks sent Donald on doesn't allow any contact with the rest of the world so they can officially get away from the ruckus of the world and rest in relaxation, because this means Donald has no way to tell his family, with reunited Della, that he's trapped in space!
  • The look on Penumbra's face as she realizes that she played right into Lunaris' hands and that Della truly did like her, as she reminded her of Donald.
  • Penumbra's entire character can be seen as this: Sure, she comes off as overly racist and assumes Della's an evil threat...but you can also sense she feels nothing but jealousy and frustration that her years of effort as a lieutenant were outmatched by Della, plus there's also the sense of paranoia she must feel that while the Moon people struggled to fend off the Moonmite...and Della stopped it without violence. And she spent half of the episode not realizing Della was genuinely trying to be a friend, even when she'd constantly say over and over that she wanted to go home and see her children.

    Nothing Can Stop Della Duck! 
  • When Scrooge and Della finally reunite, No words: Just him looking in complete sadness and then dropping the magic glass quill he was holding.
    Della: -slowly waves- Hi, Uncle Scrooge...
    • And it becomes full blown heartwarming when Scrooge's first action is to hug Della and spin her around with such glee and happiness in his voice. He's just so happy to see her again.
  • Della's reaction to seeing her kids for the first time in ten years: falling on her knees and tearing up at the site of her boys all grown up.
  • While Dewey and Huey are overjoyed to see Della, Louie first goes into denial, insisting it's a trick, a curse by Magica, or some parallel dimension. He's so terrified of it all being a lie that he couldn't accept it...until Della hugs him and he breaks down crying. It's even reinforced as he begins to cry and gives a small "Mom!" as Della falls to her knees and embraces him.
    • But even after that hug, Louie is the most skeptical of the triplets in giving Della an opportunity despite her failed attempts, and even admitting that he's not sure how to have a mom, since up till now he'd just been used to not having one. It isn't until Della covers his body to protect him from the falling Golden Idol that he finally begans to open up to her.
  • Della overhearing what her family thinks of her and the past 10 hours she's been with them. She overhears Scrooge saying that she's not a mom and runs off in tears before she could hear the ending of Scrooge's sentence, which is Scrooge saying she needs some more time to figure out how to be one and they need to support her.
    Della: (to her reflection in the Gilded Man statue) I was gone for a decade and everyone was fine. I'm home for ten hours and now my kids are all sick, injured and terrified. …I miss fighting monsters. You guys make it easy to know what to do. I fought you, Gilded Man. And Moon Mites! And the abyss of space, and every last odd to get back to my kids, and...I'm blowing it.
  • Donald being arrested by Lunaris and the other Moonlanders.
    • The sheer irony hits fans that while Della's all reunited with her kids...Donald's on the Moon and arrested by Lunaris and the Moonlanders, with them not knowing this. It's even worse when you see Della enter Donald's boathouse and see all the pictures of him raising her kids and commenting how he deserves the vacation planned by everyone after spending ten years raising them (which he obviously isn't on...).

    Raiders of the Doomsday Vault! 
  • Scrooge getting ticked off at Della for all the problems she's caused in the episode.
    Scrooge: Can you never think anything through, Della?! It's been over a decade and she's still the same headstrong kid jumping into danger or space or any other disaster without a thought of the damage she leaves behind!
  • When the family joins hands for their Leap of Faith, Glomgold tries to take Scrooge's hand but Scrooge doesn't notice and jumps with the family. Despite everything, Glomgold looks legitimately saddened.
  • Throughout the episode, Dewey just wants to make Della proud by being a great adventurer, but he breaks down crying at the end when he thinks he's let her down.
    Dewey: *through tears* I'm sorry, mom. I let you down. I'm not the adventurer you hoped I'd be.
    Della: No, honey. I will always believe you can do anything, but you never have to prove anything to me.

    Friendship Hates Magic 
  • Lena, despite trying to stay positive about it, telling the unaware Webby that she's messed with enough magic for her lifetime and that she'll be fine, is clearly consigned to being stuck in the Shadow Realm forever, watching Webby but being unable to communicate with her.
  • Webby tries to hide anything weird that she has (which makes her room almost Spartan-like in its bareness) because with Lena stuck in shadows, she's just that desperate to have another friend (her bond with the triplets being more sibling-esque).
  • Lena recites the incantation to dispel the Tulpas, which also ends up dispelling the magic that allows her to stay in the real realm. Both her and Webby knows what this means as Lena slowly disappears. Thankfully, the bracelet's magic, with the help of Violet, was strong enough to bring Lena back to the world of the living.
  • When Lena sees the mysterious shadows (later on revealed to be tulpas) take the form of Magica de Spell, she becomes visibly terrified, if not helped by the tone of her voice. It might as well imply Lena suffers from PTSD from the trauma Magica inflicted on her.
    Lena: Oh no...NOT AGAIN!
  • Mixed with heartwarming, but Lena and Webby's reunion. Webby throws herself into Lena's arms and embraces her, with Lena doing the same.
  • When Violet explains to Webby why she has Magica's amulet: during the events of The Shadow War, she had to defend herself against shadows before they were repelled after Magica's defeat. And her reasoning for deciding to take the amulet and get into magic? Because her perception of reality being "logical" was shattered. Imagine that scenario where everything you know as reasonable or logical was shattered and you turned to the occult. It can come off as someone suffering a Crisis of Faith.
    • While Webby is shown to understand why Violet is doing what she's doing...she's still against it, acknowledging she lost someone to the Shadow Realm. Lena (who's watching from the Shadow Realm) only looks despondent and puts her hand on Webby's even if she can't sense it.

    The Dangerous Chemistry of Gandra Dee! 
  • Fenton finding out that what Gandra really wanted from him was Gizmoduck. He was so heartbroken since he actually liked her and thought that she liked him for being him.
  • It's a quick moment, but during Mark Beaks's fight with Fenton, he comments that he's never actually caught a ball before, and says out loud "Well, who's the loser now, Coach Dad?!"

    The Duck Knight Returns 
  • As Launchpad finds out with Jim Starling in this episode, meeting your childhood hero does not always mean they are the same person you have made them out to be beforehand. Despite the high opinion Launchpad has for him and his role as Darkwing Duck, Starling is little more than a jaded, self-centered has-been who doesn't appreciate what few fans he has left, reacting with clear annoyance when he sees Launchpad (who he calls "the fainter") at the couch store opening and then pressuring him into aiding his plot to replace Drake in the film's finale so he can be in the spotlight again. This is in direct contrast to Drake, who Launchpad is trying to sabotage but who quickly bonds with him and treats him with respect.
  • Jim's transformation into Negaduck. He was just an actor who couldn't accept another taking on his most famous role. He ends up going insane and declares that if the world wants grim and gritty and violent, he's more than happy to play that role.
    • Launchpad ALMOST gets through to Jim with his speech, causing Jim to stare at himself and realize what he almost did. But then Drake tries to save Launchpad from an explosion and Jim shoves his way in yet again, sealing his descent into villainy: the explosion, electrocution and chemicals probably didn't help his mental state, either. Jim is left completely out of touch with reality and visibly delusional as he rambles, believing everything that happened was just a setup, a plot to humiliate him, and it's then that the understanding sinks in that Jim Starling DID die in that explosion. Only Negaduck remains.
  • After the disaster on the film set, Drake blames himself for Jim's apparent demise. Even though it was Jim who caused the explosion in the first place.

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