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Tear Jerker / Dropkick Murphys

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This Celtic punk band has some very moving songs.

  • Their version of Eric Bogle's "No Man's Land" (titled "The Green Fields of France"), recorded in an uncharacteristic acoustic style.
  • "Fairmount Hill" from their last album is another one. To those who have lived in Boston, it can bring nostalgic tears to their eyes.
  • "Broken Hymns" is about deceased soldiers in the Civil War returning home to be buried.
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  • "1953" is about the main character proposing to his soon-to-be-wife.
  • The lyrics of "The Last Letter Home" from Warrior's Code consist of letters exchanged between a solider in Iraq and his family. The last letter is a Death Notification.
  • "Vices and Virtues", a song about four brothers and how they met their ends, is one. Particularly the line, "And another died by a bullet at the hands of a sniper's gun/In the valley of Nha-Trang for a war we never won."
  • "Fields of Athenry" — with the pure emotion in Casey's voice, the anger and desperation, then the bagpipes kick in... The subject matter, the anthem-esque tone of the music, and the sorrow of the narrator all makes it work.
  • "Johnny I Hardly Knew Ya", especially when combined with the music video.
  • "The State of Massachusetts" is a thunderous punk song about the very real Adult Fear of losing one's kids to social services. It can hit some listeners hard.
  • "Cruel" acts as a great reminder that no family is ever going to be perfect, but that they'll also be the only family you'll ever have.


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