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Tear Jerker / Dreaming of Sunshine

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  • Chapter 2:
    • Shikako notes that a young Naruto is quiet and a little sullen, very different from the optimistic young man he later becomes.
    • She also notes how every one looks at him.
      Outside the Academy building there was a crowd of parents mingling and waiting to pick kids up from their first day at school. I noticed quite a few look at Naruto, before shuffling their kids away from him. It wasn't quite a glare, but it was definitely not friendly. He noticed it too, and glared at the ground.
  • Chapter 3: Shikako sees Itachi for the first time when he picks up Sasuke from the Academy in place of their mother. Shikako knows what's going to happen, but can't think of anything to stop it. Despite this, she thinks herself a coward for doing nothing.
    Itachi, already a jounin, already an ANBU. Willing to sacrifice everything for his brother and the village. What would he do if he knew what I knew?
    I couldn't even contemplate it. I was too selfish. I knew I wouldn't interfere. I would let these horrible and despicable things happen, because they didn't touch me. Didn't touch my family and my safe little world.
    As much as I told myself 'there is nothing I can do' I knew that at heart I was just a selfish coward.
  • Chapter 11: Inari is so jaded that he keeps telling Team 7 that there're no such thing as heroes and that they stand no chance against Gatou.
  • Shikako flashing back to her time in the Tsukuyomi while in recovery. Seeing how much the events of the story have damaged her really pulls on the heartstrings.
  • Chapter 62: Ino's in a catatonic state due to using the Mind-Body Switch Jutsu on Kidomaru.
  • In retrospect, how tired Shikako seems when Naruto confronts her about killing their enemies who have already been defeated.
    Shikako: Then find a better way Naruto. Because I don't know what it is.
  • Shikako and Shikamaru's fight in chapter 98.
  • Chapter 114: The loss of Shikamaru's arm.
  • The entire Hospital Arc is Shikako and Sasuke trying to save their sensei from a medical condition from his Sharingan, despite the fact he has given up on life.
  • Sasuke's reaction to learning about the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan.
  • Aoba being sacrificed to Jashin during the Land of Hot Spring's Arc.
  • Shikako being comatose but semi-conscious after returning from the Land of Hot Water.
  • Shikako being completely despondent after learning her actions have inadvertently started a war between Hidden Leaf and Hidden Cloud.
  • Shikako purposefully leading Shikamaru to the conclusion that she has been reckless with her life so that he won't suspect what really happened in her mission after recovering from her comatose state.

Sunshine Sidestories

  • It's implied in chapter 16 that Kakashi feels really guilty about Shikako getting kidnapped.