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Tear Jerker / Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

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"If you're here, all grown up...then the future is safe, right?"

  • The Time Breakers attempt to alter the future's history by killing Future Gohan early with a powered-up Android #16...which means Time Patrol Trunks gets to interact with Gohan for the first time since the latter's death. The scene is absolutely heart-wrenching, as Trunks is torn between his duty to preserve history and the chance to save the life of his beloved Big Brother Mentor. Even moreso, the Supreme Kai of Time and the player character have to prevent Trunks from doing it despite knowing how much it means to him.
    • However, there is an upside: Gohan realizes that this Trunks has come back from the future, and deduces that Bulma must have finished her time machine and the future was saved. He tells Trunks how proud he is of the man he's become, then goes off to fight #17 and #18 filled with new resolve by the knowledge that no matter the outcome, this fight has meaning. And given what he says regarding the Conton Hero present there, and how he takes one last look over his shoulder, it makes it clear: Gohan seems to understand that he's going to die. But that just gives him greater determination than ever to see this through to the end.
    • And then in another shift of time distortions, a divergent circumstance causes Trunks to go against everything he works and stands for and save Gohan anyway, to the point that he fully acknowledges he cannot go back to the Time Patrol after doing something so reckless. Gohan happily welcomes him anyway, saying Bulma won't mind two Trunks given what all's happened.]] The worst part? You're asked your opinion on whether this history alteration should be fixed or remain the same, the story leaving off on an ominous note for downloadable content to likely conclude. And for all we know, this could force you to come to odds with Trunks.
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    • It's also important to note that, before the distortion, Trunks is just watching the scene play out as it did, clearly hurt. Time Patrol Trunks not only has the normal pain and guilt going through his head, but unlike the Future Trunks we're familiar with in Z and Super, his job is about traveling through time fixing mistakes, and he has that job explicitly because he changed the past. He's likely gone through the scenario in his head hundreds of times: if he could change the past and stop the androids, why can't he save Gohan? Every distortion involving the androids and Cell must remind him of when he found Gohan's corpse.
  • Towa's reaction to Mira betraying and absorbing her is rather sad, due to the genuine betrayal in her voice as it happens. Doubly so when the dying Mira realizes his mistake and apologizes for it right before his death. They may have been the villains, but they genuinely cared for each other and no-one deserves to hurt that way.
  • The fact that your character from the last game is mind controlled by Towa. Simply because this: That character is yours. You built this character from the ground up. You gave it a name and a face that couldn't be replicated (and possibly even a back story.) You witnessed it grow, it's victories, it's loses, you went through all of it, but now the game has made your character that you love dear into a puppet. You are forced to fight what was once your own vision. And even AFTER you free them, you're forced to watch Towa ERASE THEM, which means all that time and love? Its all gone. No matter what you see your character as, you WILL be emotionally affected. Thankfully, you do end up rectifying this.
    • Especially sad if you headcannoned your Xenoverse 2 character as their child, brother, or sister, meaning in exchange for taking up their family's torch and fighting to protect history, they are punished by forcing to fight their own blood, not to mention the hell in your first character's mind. Then your first character starts getting erased...
  • Vegeta's Heroic Sacrifice against Buu is just as sad here as it was in the anime. The music certainly doesn't help matters...
  • Bardock has dialogue with Gokū Black and it goes to show that Bardock loved his son:
    Black: Saiyan barbarian! I'll destroy you right now!
  • All hail the heroic Frost as many Time Patrollers will tell you he's a hero who shows the universe the good in the Frieza Clan cue:
    Cabba: Why do you even have a poison needle? I thought you were the hero that destroys Space Pirates!
    Vados: He's also the King of the Space Pirates.
    Frost: Start a war in private and finish it in public and make a profit from it.
  • Unsurprisingly, most of Future Gohan's interactions should he be your partner throughout the DLC 6's Extra Story missions fall either into Heartwarming territory, Tear Jerking or both. As a Mentor to the Time Patrollers in the city he is fully aware of his awaiting fate once he has to return to his timeline, a painful reminder that haunts him as he visits other timelines through Fu and Dabura's time rifts, meeting Cell Saga's Goku and a resurrected Buu Saga's Videl and later wondering how his life would have turned out if he didn't die against the Androids.
    • In the Cell Games's stage, Future Gohan has to face off not only Cell himself, but a powered-up version of the Androids of his timeline - which have already killed him by that point - teamed up with Android 13. Once the two of you beat Cell and the Future Androids, the accomplishment does not fly under that timeline's Goku's radar, who promptly Instant Transmissions to the arena... And instantly recognizes who he is by his Ki and looks. Future Gohan immediately begins quaking as he sees his father, and the two of them proceed to take on Android 13 as Goku remarks how proud he is of seeing Gohan having survived the future and being there all grown up.
    • In the stage against Majin Buu (Gohan Absorbed) and Dabura, Future Gohan's energy can break the evil influence taking over Videl - meaning he has to fight her for her to snap out of it. Worse still, Buu later proceeds to taunt him by listing off who he absorbed and telling how he's already killed humanity earlier. This sends Future Gohan over the edge in such a way that Super Vegetto steps back to face Dabura while he takes on Buu.
    • Then comes the last fight Against Dabura, who promptly brings your partner's rival or closest person to fight you two. In Future Gohan's case? Android Saga's Trunks, who is obviously reluctant and pained in fighting him to the death while not being able to escape Dabura's control. And you HAVE to beat him regardless, all while Gohan tries to comfort him and asks to show him his full power.

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