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Tear Jerker / Down the Rabbit Hole

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Many of the cases Knudsen covers are just full of tragedy, of which we get to hear about at length.

  • The general situation with regards to Christine Weston Chandler in Sonichu and Christian Weston Chandler. She's been banned from a long list of stores, her community college, and many other public places in her hometown and beyond due to her strange and belligerent behavior, and thus is effectively cut off from much of the outside world. She gets bullied by the trolls so much that she outright becomes paranoid of everyone who interacts with her in any way, fearing that anyone could potentially be a troll. She has grown to detest these trolls and blames them for just about every bad thing that happens to her, including the death of her father. Christine lives with her mom as the entire house builds up with trash and other junk that they hoard while she spends herself into debt with her credit cards. The house then caught on fire from a faulty wire, and thanks to the trash and squalid conditions, it burned through the entire house. While Christine and her mother escaped unharmed, and eventually managed to rebuild the house, they lost practically everything they owned. Christine will most likely spend the rest of her life in a state of near-total paranoia and isolation; with both her physical and mental states continuing to degrade, and enormous debt continuing to crush her all the while. note 
    • Over the last few years, including those following the airing of Chris's episode, her life has gotten even worse, thanks to orbiters far more malicious than any of those in the past arriving and attempting to get their own piece of infamy. In particular, four "Idea Guys" swept on Chris, manipulating her into corrupting her own child-like beliefs and stories, in turn forcing her into outright delusions of godhood that was only fostered further by subsequent enablers and abusers, as evidenced by her belief in an apocalyptic "Dimensional Merge" that will bring about the death of half of humanity on Earth, to be replaced by fictional characters existing in another dimension. Even the CWCki, normally among the sites most critical of Chris, has softened its opinion on her somewhat in favour of mercilessly raining criticism down on those taking advantage of her.
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  • The ending of the Collyer Brothers. Langley accidentally triggered one of his own traps, crushing him under the pile of junk, and his blind and immobile brother starved to death, both alone in their apartment and only being found after they died note , and their apartment is condemned and demolished. Fred himself admits that it was one of the most difficult videos he made emotionally and nearly broke down crying while doing the research.
  • The ending of the Time Cube episode. Gene Ray's disciple Richard Janczarski commits suicide after struggling for years with mental illness and being rejected by his idol, Gene Ray himself dies of old age, the website goes under, and there's the fact that Gene Ray served, in hindsight, as an example of how the internet would soon target the mentally ill and the eccentric for the sake of entertainment.
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  • The whole of Noah Antwiler (Spoony), especially if one was a fan that watched his rise and fall from his days at Channel Awesome to a near recluse. Worse is that, unlike DarksydePhil or Norman Boutin, Noah has clear mental health problems that eventually broke him down over time, but his downfall was ultimately his own doing.
  • In the GameLife episode, it's mentioned that Melissa regularly received harassment, up to and including death threats, from viewers who accused her of being a "fake gamer girl" and playing off her looks despite being the most professional of the team and her clear enthusiasm for gaming as a hobby. For many, this serves as a sad reminder of how poorly female gamers are sometimes treated by certain elements of the gaming community. The fact that she effectively disappeared from the public view following the group's collapse makes it all the more heartrending.
  • The ending of the TempleOS episode. Terry, homeless and without his van to keep him sheltered, ends up in Portland, Oregon, where his mental state had completely given out. By the summer of 2018, his speech had become so slurred that it was almost impossible to understand what he was saying. He ultimately met his end when a train struck and killed him.
    • The usage of Terry's videos can be heartrending in a way too. While initially simply poorly put together and rambling, over time they began to devolve into nonsensical ranting, prejudice and hate due to Terry's rapidly deteriorating mental state. It becomes very clear that at some point Terry stopped taking his Schizophrenia medication and began succumbing to the effects of his disease to the point where he's barely even able to speak. Seeing him talking to someone who tracked him down while he was homeless, talking rather lucidly about computer programming over a meal at McDonald's shows that there was still a flicker of who he used to be before the train accident that took his life. Made worse by his haunting talks about what was clearly his growing ennui during some of his livestreams and the ruling of his death as a suicide. His strangely lucid words in the last video shown during the credits, apparently recorded the morning he died, are especially poignant.
      I really like this library... so... I come here to use their computer and smoke out here, they must have been freaking out, 'cause such an impure person was in their presence... oh, well, I was clueless, not now, these two have a respect for purity... so, it's good to be king! Hahahah... maybe. I think maybe I am just like a little, a bizarre little person who walks back and forth... whatever, you know.
    • The possibility that he actually committed suicide is even worse because it implies that he might have been lucid for a moment and decided to end his own life while still feeling like himself instead of being a broken mess from schizophrenia. In the Q&A vid for TempleOS, Fredrik admits that is a possibility and while he is uncertain if Terry did kill himself, he doesn't rule it out either.
  • The ongoing downfall of Jordie Jordan, aka WingsOfRedemption. Jordie was once a moderately popular figure in the Call of Duty fandom on YouTube, but his bad attitude and lack of social skills would ultimately prove to be his undoing. This resulted in Jordie alienating all his friends and most of his fanbase, leaving the trolls as his only remaining audience. By the time it was all over, Jordie had been reduced to a state worthy more of pity than scorn, openly hating making gaming content but seeing no other available source of income.
    • It would be easy to look at this guy and see him as someone toxic who constantly hurts the people around him and refuses to take any steps to actively improve his situation, regardless of his mental situation. However, when he punches a wall and breaks down in frustration, it's hard not to feel bad for him.
  • In Purr Cat Cafe, we have a woman named Janice asking Diane to take care of her cat while she cares for an ill relative, only for said cat to fall ill itself. Diane opts to criticize the owner for "giving her a sick cat" and by the time that Janice returns, it's too late to do anything about it, and the cat had to be euthanized. Despite medical papers confirming that Diane really wasn't at fault and there wasn't anything she could've done, it was clear that Diane was shaken up by the incident and attempted to kill herself by overdosing on cat pills and downing it with alcohol. Thankfully, she was rescued before her attempt could succeed. But in the end, the cafe was closed down due to Diane’s poor business practices, and inability to properly run her store. It also shows that for all of her bad business sense and faults, she did legitimately care about cats.
  • The ending of Deep Blue manages to make one feel sorry for a computer, as it's revealed Deep Blue was split into two halves, each half was placed in a separate museum on opposite sides of the United States, and they haven't been reunited since.
    • Let's not forget the humans, though: Kasparov's good will towards the programmers dissipated in light of his crushing defeat, and he eventually lost his passion for competing. IBM refused to continue the project while its stock value was still at a record high, causing Hsu to leave the business on bitter terms. And Hsu eventually gave up on his passion, to become a researcher at Microsoft. All in all, a Bittersweet Ending at best and a Pyrrhic Victory at worst.
  • The Battle of May Island; everyone who died there wasn't given a proper memorial until the incident was basically forced into the public in 2002 due to the British government wanting to bury such a horrific mistake. It makes one feel for the relatives of the people who died so horribly, as they didn't receive closure for decades and potentially didn't even know what happened to their loved ones until well after they were gone.


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