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Tear Jerker / Don't Be Afraid of the Dark

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  • In the movies opening, after killing the maid and removing her teeth, Blackwood hears his son call to him from the tunnel. Desperate, Blackwood sheds tears before he offers the maids teeth and even his own that he removed, tearfully begging them to return his son to him. The creatures tell him to reach for his son and he does, begging for him to take his hand, though we see only the horde crawling up to him. Given the homunculi's MO, it was most likely a trick and his son was already turned, but Blackwood's sheer desperation that made him turn to murder and self disfigurement in the hopes of getting his son back from the little tricksters is heartbreaking.
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  • A minor one later in the film and it's a little YMMV, but the Blackwood homunculi and his son are both together in the scene with the bathroom attack, with Blackwood putting his arm around the smaller creature when he exits the grate. The same creature is killed by Sally when she smashes the bookcase into it when it tries to crawl up it with the Instamatic camera, killing it. It may have been why the homunculi went all out in their final attack, no longer caring as much about subtlety and stealth.
  • Kim's Heroic Sacrifice, leaving herself to a Fate Worse than Death for Sally's sake.
    • Sally leaving the picture of her and Kim in the house after all's said, finally telling Kim she loves her. Kim's fate at the end, becoming one of the things in the cellar, and waiting for the next victim to come, makes it worse. That the picture is a sweet drawing of Sally and Kim smiling and holding hands under a tree makes it worse.
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    • Homunculus Kim is not willing to attack Alex and Sally, she says: "Others will come." Tearjerker in that she still cares about them.
  • The fact that Sally's own mother basically abandoned her. Even worse, her mother had led her to believe that she was just visiting her dad, only for her to learn that she's staying there for keeps. Ouch.