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Tear Jerker / Doc McStuffins

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  • Gaby's song "Nobody Wants a Broken Toy" in "Arcade Escapade." It's a very sad song about how nobody wants a toy like her because she's ripped and she has to watch as all the other toys get picked. Even Doc herself gets teary-eyed.
  • Towards the end of "A Dragon's Best Friend", when Squibbles' owner has come to pick it up, Stuffy's goodbye to the toy and his practical sobbing while holding the toy is quite sad. Even more so when Doc comes back into the clinic and we see that the rest of the toys are still trying to comfort Stuffy. Luckily, it wasn't the boy's toy and Stuffy then adopts Squibbles.
  • "My Huggy Valentine". The whole episode, you just wanna give Lambie a warm hug and comfort her because of her Heroic BSoD after thinking Doc likes Val more than her. The scene when she sheds a Single Tear is pretty sad.
  • "Hazel Has a Sleepover" features the titular character being scared to go to a sleepover at Doc's because she has an embarrassing problem; her trunk leaks at night. Fortunately, Doc and her crew reassure Hzel it's nothing to be ashamed of and later help her overcome it
  • Seeing Piglet so concerned for Pooh in the crossover episode Hundred Acre Wood, especially when Pooh is taken to the Toy Hospital and Piglet is seen running behind him until Lambie prevents him from going further. Thankfully this turns into a heartwarming moment, since Lambie is very close with Piglet and really cares about him and even hugs him to calm him down.
  • "Hannah the Brave" is a sobering episode, to say the least.

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