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Tear Jerker / Dissidia Final Fantasy: Opera Omnia

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  • Pretty much anything with Krile and Galuf, given that he is Doomed by Canon.
    • In the third scene of her recruitment chapter, she stops him and begs him not to leave her behind again, because she doesn't know what she'd do without him. He responds that he'll always be with her and the rest of the party... until the very end. Anyone who's played Final Fantasy V knows that she's going to learn the answer to that question, very painfully.
    • The "Grandpa" cutscene in Relm's event. Seeing Krile and Galuf happily spending time together makes Relm miss Strago, and Krile says that she hopes they'll be able to meet again soon, blissfully unaware that she will lose her own over the course of her game's events.
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    • With the revelations in the Interlude chapter, it's possible that Krile deliberately traveled back in time to a point before Galuf died.
  • King and Firion assume that Wakka and Tidus have to be from a carefree, peaceful world because they're both professional athletes who love talking about the game they play. There's an awkward silence before Yuna and Wakka explain that blitzball is the only thing that keeps Spira's population from complete misery.
  • After Jecht refuses to join the party in Chapter 11, Wakka rushes after him alone and nearly begs him to join them - all so Tidus can have his father, since Wakka never had his own. Similarly, Lilisette expresses sadness about not meeting her own father, telling Tidus to cherish the time he has with his.
  • In Arc 2, Chapter 1: The sad Irony in the conversation between Yuna, whose job it is to Send the dead, and four characters who die in their respective games (Galuf, Aerith, Papalymo, and Serah), where they talk about the effect the dead leave behind on the memories of the living. Ace, overhearing this, is really struck by the severe Culture Clash between his world and all of theirs, where the crystal prevents them from remembering anyone who died.
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  • In the same chapter, when the Dark Manikins offer Hope the opportunity to side with Caius and change history so he doesn't lose his mother, even taunting him about it, he angrily tells them not to mention her, and he has to continue living without her.
  • Arc 2 Chapter 2 focuses a lot on the complicated relationship between Cecil and his brother Golbez, with the latter showing his The Atoner Death Seeker tendencies. Ramza and Zidane are included in one such scene between them, who both have similar relationships with their own brothers, but the Tear Jerker part comes when Vaan tries so hard to get Cecil and Golbez to reconcile, because while their relationship may be complicated they at least have their brothers, while Vaan's had passed away.

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