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Tear Jerker / Disney Fairies

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  • "Lost Treasure"
    • When Tink tries to get Terence to give her extra pixie dust for her journey to get a new moonstone:
    Tinker Bell: Well, I guess we're not true friends!
    Terence: No. I guess we're not.
    [Tinker Bell sobs for a few seconds before leaving]
    • And later when she accidentally uses up the last wish for Blaze to quiet down, she has a realization that she's been a jerk to Terence.
    Tink: I'm sorry Blaze, it's not your fault. It's mine. It's all mine.
  • In "Great Fairy Rescue", when Vidia sees Fawn, Rosetta, Silvermist and Iridessa perform the 'Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust' pledge for the first time. You can tell by the look on her face she secretly wants to join in, but she feels too much guilt at this stage to try.
    • If that wasn't enough, there is one scene where Clank, Bobble, Fawn, Rosetta, Silvermist and Iridessa are all joking around about Tinker Bell, then bringing up that it's not like her to be caught with her guard down. Vidia meanwhile, is getting more and more regretful of her actions for getting Tink trapped in the first place. When she does reveal what happened, you can tell she is sincere in her apology, which from Vidia, is saying a lot about how she cares for Tinker Bell.
  • Close to the end of "Secret of the Wings", Tinker Bell reveals that during her flight in the Winter Woods to warn the Winter Fairies, one of her wings broke. She gets better thanks to Periwinkle though.
    • Queen Clarion and Lord Milori tell the sisters about a pair of fairies, separated by the seasons, who fell in love and met at the creek every day. But eventually they wanted to be together, so one of them crossed over... and their wing broke, and so on that day Queen Clarion declared that the fairies must never cross the creek. Later on Lord Milori takes off his feather cloak and gives it to the Queen, and we see he has a broken wing. It's pretty obvious what's implied early on, but it's still a bit sad to know the two of them couldn't be together for so long. At least they could reunite and stay together at the end.
  • The end of "The Legend of the Neverbeast" as a whole. Bittersweet Ending is an understatement.
    • After Fawn and Gruff end the storm by flying directly into the center of it, they plummet from the sky, getting caught by the other fairies. Gruff's horns and wings were destroyed, but Fawn dies. A healing fairy even confirmed she was dead, much to everyone's shock and despair. Gruff, however, wouldn't accept that and used the last of the power he absorbed to revive her.
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    • Pixie Hollow is saved, and now everybody knows the Neverbeast is a guardian, not a bringer of doom. However, as his work is done, Gruff must go back into his thousand year hibernation. After all the fairies do their part to make Gruff as comfortable as possible, Fawn and her beloved monster share their last goodbyes. Though what really sells it is Fawn's heartbroken reaction when saying goodbye to Gruff. Before, she nonchalantly, yet sadly, breaks it to her friends that Gruff will have to sleep for another millennium. Even Nyx teared up a bit. Worse is that the fairies know they will never see Gruff again, though before you'd have thought all fairies were immortal. This implies (sigh) they're not.
    • Even Vidia wipes away a tear off her own face when she stirs up a "fresh breeze, to keep [Gruff] cool".
      • What makes this scene really sad is that it is almost played like a funeral. The fairies give him a beautiful sendoff with luminescent flowers to light his way and glowing dandelion seeds to hover above his den. The garden fairies give him a fluffy (Gruffy) pillow made of cotton fluff. The water fairies give a never-ending spring fed water dish that the light the light fairies made glow as a night light. Everything they give him is like something you would give someone dying; and as far as the fairies are concerned, they won't ever see him again, since his hibernation will last longer than their lifespans. We know he is going to wake up in 1,000 years, but that does not take away the powerful emotions in the final scene. This is not helped by the end credits where it shows all the things the fairies would've done with him if he didn't need to hibernate- playing hide and seek, learning to sing with the baby birds, Rosetta painting his claws, Gruff playing hide and seek with the forest animals, swimming with ducklings and skating with Fawn in Winter.
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  • In Fairy Haven and the Quest for the Wand, when Ree breaks down in tears and blames herself after Rani is transformed into a bat and they realize they have no hope of finding her.
  • In Fairy Dust and the Quest for the Egg, the entire middle part where Mother Dove is dying and in constant pain, and Tink tells her about Peter Pan in an attempt to make her less sad, but it results in them both sobbing.

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