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Tear Jerker / Disney Conquest

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"Come home safe, okay?"

"Go now. Go, Kopa...Go and never return."
- Kiara

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  • Though Kopa can be a jerkass and has a hair-trigger temper, it's hard not to feel a little sorry for him. He finds out his father's death was orchestrated by two people he trusted, one of them being his own mother. His mother then dies before he could reconcile with her. Kiara and Kanzi are revealed to be his half-siblings. When he gets captured by the Blackblood Legion his own allies decide not to rescue him. When he does make it back, his boyfriend dumps him, and he's immediately arrested and ultimately exiled to another faction. Ouch.

    Year I 


  • Jasper's survivor's guilt.
  • Thomas sobbing after Nasira hits him. Even she seems remorseful.
  • Maleficent's (albeit brief) Heroic BSoD in "No Rest for the Wicked."
  • In a last-ditch effort to save Lucky, Tramp turns on his own comrades. This ends badly for him...
    • Angel's reaction to Tramp's arrest.
    Angel: What are you two doing?! Leave him alone! Stop it! (grabs Dante's tail)
    Dante: (pulls Angel off)
    Angel: Damn it! What is wrong with you all?!
    Dante: Tramp is now an enemy of the Rogues, Angel. You should know the rules by now. He chose to protect the enemy.
    Angel: NO! [...] (sobs)
    • The reveal Lucky died between threads. He apparently succumbed to his wounds sustained from Dobson's fangs between "Give a Dog a Bone" and "Accommodations."


  • Tramp's execution.
    • Angel is the only Rogue who defends Tramp when the latter is charged with treason, and the way she's treated is pretty gut-wrenching.
  • Aurelia's backstory.
  • Sarafina and Kula find out about Scar's death in the worst possible way.
    Frollo: By "lost," I meant he has...passed. If we were to go back, there is a high probability we would not even find a corpse. I kept the portal open for him, called out to him, but he chose his path. (turns to leave) May God have mercy on his soul.
    Sarafina: (livid) You...called out. You did not actually look for him?! You will re-open that portal immediately, you pompous two-legger, and I will bring him back myself.


  • Melty and Mortaray's deaths in "Atonement."
  • The deterioration of the Freedom Fighters. They did not stand a chance.
  • Aladdin not only dies trying to save Jasmine, but he also has his soul destroyed.
  • Kiara breaking down when explaining to her family the truth about her and Kanzi's parentage in the thread "Truths to Tell."


  • Nasira's reaction to the reveal that Jafar turned traitor in "Coup de Grâce" is a pull on the heartstrings - despite it being Nasira.
    Nasira: (voice cracking) What do you think you're doing?! Look at me, you fool! LOOK AT ME! (Beat) Think of what you're doing! You're not a Rogue! You're not. I know you're not. (Beat) Please - I'm begging you. Don't do this...
    Jafar: I'm only following what King Clopin ordered us to do as Rogues. Now leave us to our battle, Nasira.
    Nasira: (sobs) King Clopin?! Have you taken leave of your wits as well as your loyalty?!
    • Then this happens:
    Jafar: I am Malak al-Mawt, a Rogue soldier to that man there.
    Jafar: (stabs Nasira in the shoulder)
    Jafar: I am not your brother.

  • Jasmine learning Aladdin's fate in "Soup for the Soul" is tearjerking.
    Nikolai: (about Aladdin) I'm sad to say that he didn't...make it. I'm so sorry, Jasmine. And you too Genie.
    Jasmine: H-he didn't...w-where is h-he then? Where is Aladdin? P-please, I need to see him. I have to see - (begins to cry)
    Genie: (tearfully hugs Jasmine) I'm so sorry, Jasmine.
    Silver: I'm sorry, lassie.
    Tiny Dan: (walks in) she ok?
    Jasmine: I - no, I'm not ok.

  • Kopa's exile in "Goodbye, Sweet Prince," though few would disagree he had it coming.


  • After spending the entirety of the roleplay in as the Blackblood Legion/Shadowglen's punching bag, Thomas is hung, drawn and quartered in "Behold, a Traitor." Yikes.
    • A large amount of people turn on him at the last moment just to save their own skin.
    • Even knowing he's going to die, he still tries to save Morren by trying to convince her to turn on him and receive mercy. Unfortunately for him, she is loyal to the end and refuses.
  • Sam's reaction to Thomas's death is heart-rending.
    They wanted to cry. Rather, they wanted to want to cry. That was how a normal person would react to seeing someone die in front of them. But they couldn't. Maybe later they'd be able to feel something, but right now, they were numb.
  • Shani and Kanzi's farewell.
    Shani: You'll be careful, got it? I don’t want to explain to the cubs that their auntcle Kanzi got the crap beat out of them by a kangaroo or something.
  • Mozenrath finding out Nasira is his mother.
    Nasira: I am so sorry. I-I wanted to tell you. I did. I was just-
    Mozenrath: (raises hand) Stop. Don't you dare speak to me.
    Nasira: Mozenrath-
    Mozenrath: (attempts to leave)
    Nasira: (grabs him by the arm) Now hold on! If you would just let me explain-!
    Mozenrath: DON'T TOUCH ME! (burns her arm)
    • Also counts as a Heartwarming Moment, Facilier stands up for Nasira. Unfortunately, Mozenrath is not having any of it.
    Facilier: Now what's all this?! Look at you, reactin' like an angry child! You're lucky you even have someone to call family! Whatever the situation was, burnin' your own mother isn't the answer. (puts hand on Mozenrath's shoulder) I get it, maybe you're feelin' a bit hurt...maybe even betrayed! But think about it from her side. Do you think it was easy for her, pretending that you weren't her son, all while runnin' the risk of losing you if somethin' went wrong?
    Mozenrath: (shakes him off) Losing someone implies you had them to begin with.
    • Despite her good intentions, Nasira also feels she doesn't deserve to be defended now knowing what she knows.
    Facilier's loyalty would have been touching, but it was grossly misplaced. He had it all wrong. Mozenrath was not lucky. The hell of it was Nasira's actions had robbed him of a normal upbringing and almost resulted in his demise. What did they say about the road to hell being paved with?
  • Kanzi's tragic end in "The Man-Eater of Canada."



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