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Tear Jerker / Digimon Universe: Applimonsters

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  • Episode 12: Rei and Hajime at their mothers grave. Hajime asks when she's coming back and Rei can only comfort him by telling him he'll protect him from now. Then Hajime is abducted by Leviathan and Rei desperately goes through every measure he can to find him.
  • Episode 30 is one massive L for my lil homie Dokamon. He steps up to teach MariPero how to become a top restaurant reviewer Appmon. Along the way she admits all the restaurants they visit seem like dates and Dokabromon starts to catch feelings. On the most important "restaurant visit", some fool named Racemon tries to stop the food delivery truck from reaching the restaurant. Dokamon Schwarzenegger goes "aight lemme step outside for a minute" and it only takes 2 min tops in the episode for his fist to find this fool's head. Dokamon Bueller makes it back in time and MariPero writes her most successful review. Then her App goes out of service, and she has to kiss Dokamon goodbye before fading away. She comes back like the next day, saying she's famous and goes "oh? did you fall in love with me? You can't okay? kisses don't mean nothing" and leaves forever. Dokadawgmon is so down, his big bro Gatchmon gotta tell him that's what being a man is. My lil bro ain't even the love Appmon, he's the Action Appmon. She ain't have to do my dawg like that.
    • The worst part is... Dokabromon's main squeeze Eri-chan found out about the whole thing, kiss included, and now she gotta give him the cold shoulder for it at the end.
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  • Episode 37: The Applidrivers are defeated and lose their buddy Appmon while Yuujin and Shutmon sacrifice themselves so the other Applidrivers can escape from the Ultimate 4.
  • Episode 38: The Applidrivers reunite with their Appmons, who do not remember them at all,
  • Episode 43: Rei finally gets Hajime back, but he's in the form of Sleepmon who will not wake up. After an unsuccessful attempt to wake him up; Rei just takes him home, looks after him, brings his brother around with him to places, spending time together, and makes eggs for him.
    Rei: Hajime. As long as I have you, that's enough for me. Good night, Hajime.
    • It's the smell of burnt eggs that Hajime used to tease Rei about that finally wakes him. Rei, in tears, hugs Hajime and is finally happy having him back
      Hajime: I see you're still bad at frying eggs, brother.
      Rei: No, I just wasn't paying attention today- (notices Hajime is speaking) Hajime?
      Hajime: That's right, brother.
      Rei: Are you really Hajime?
      Hajime: Yeah, it's me.
      Rei: It's true I can feel you... You're warm... You're real... The real Hajime. It's really you!
      Hajime: Good morning, brother.
      Rei: Yeah... Good morning... good morning Hajime.
  • Episode 47: Yuujin is reveal to be an android created by Leviathan, the implications of which leading to several heartbreaking truths in the following episodes...
    • Haru is completely devastated to learn that his friendship with Yuujin is a lie.
    • Shutmon himself is shown conflicted as well. Each time Yuujin instructs him to "kill", Shutmon/Rebootmon looks hesitant and full of remorse for having to follow such an order.
    • When Yuujin instructs Rebootmon to kill Haru, Haru runs though the school to escape harm. The same school where he and Yuujin shared memories. As Rebootmon destroys one building after the other, Haru is reminded of a time with Yuujin while at the same time running for his life.
  • Episode 52:
    • Offmon's plea for Gatchmon and the others to save Yuujin, before sacrificing himself in an explosion to let his friends escape inside Leviathan's body
    • Yuujin dying scene.

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