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Tear Jerker / Dial H for Hero

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  • At the end of one story, after defeating the villain, the heroes realize he's dying and offer to take him to a hospital.
    "No. The exertion, and Earth's alien environment, have finished me. But at least I am free of the Controller."
    "Then it was the real villain! You were innocent!"
    "Not really... you see, I created it. I intended it to be the perfect artificial brain, with all the potential of a human brain, but able to use it as no human could, at least not on any planet known to me. And you have seen its power."
    "But why use that power for senseless destruction? And why here?"
    "That was my great error. I made it too human. My artificial brain was... insane... "
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  • The ultimate fate of the person who transformed into Shocking Suzie. The Dial was lost, and he was unable to transform back into his male form. Not only that, but he lost his job as a construction worker because they "didn't want a girl on the team," and his girlfriend left him because it was too awkward for her. In the end, she ended up working at a strip club under her heroic alias, and after a time, her powers even disappeared because of her depressed mental state. And by the end of that series, the reader finds out she was murdered by someone hunting down dial-users to try and obtain the Dial and its power for themselves.

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