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Tear Jerker / Diabolik

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  • Elisabeth Gay's whole history. Here's a brief summary:
  • Gustavo Garian's backstory, early days and death. They also double as why Gustavo wanted to see Diabolik die:
    • The backstory: Gustavo's parents Stefano and Clelia went out of the country for their job, leaving him for years to be raised by his older cousin Eleonora de Semily. A few months before they were slated to return, Diabolik murdered his father and, as the Garian assets were in both of their names, drove his mother to madness: as he didn't want her to reveal the death of Stefano but killing Clelia would have got the assets frozen for months, he made sure she'd believe "The Murderer" killed Stefano and then magically became him (remember, at this time Diabolik's masks are still unknown, so not even Ginko would think about them), and had her committed. This was part of a failed attempt at stealing a precious knife collection from the Garians;
    • In the very first story, Diabolik murders Eleonora and makes sure Clelia Garian, who has recovered, cannot reveal his identity by driving her back into madness. Diabolik then steals the knives, nearly kills Gustavo after convincing him that he killed the aunt in a moment of folly, and steals most of the Garian assets.
      • Years later Gustavo is informed that the artistic box that was supposed to hold the knives collection has been found. Gustavo goes to the solicitor who's holding them for him, completes the paperwork... And then finds out that Diabolik has stolen it minutes before just to complete the collection.
    • Clelia Garian's death. Mere weeks after the events of the first story, Clelia has somewhat recovered, Gustavo visits her, tells her he'll bring her home... Then she hallucinates that Gustavo is "The Murderer" and has a fatal heart attack in terror.
    • Months later Gustavo did find a way to finally kill Diabolik and get closure. He had to sacrifice it to get Diabolik to save Ginko, who had been captured by a mob boss and was being tortured to death.
    • Years later Gustavo finds out he's terminally ill, so, with the help of a number of Diabolik's victims, he raises the money to hire the world's best assassins and set them on Diabolik before having them kill him. They succeed, but Ginko informs him they've been killed and were planning to kill him, so Gustavo tells him everything, gets Ginko to give him his gun to shoot himself in the head... Except Diabolik's still alive, and it was him in disguise, and not Ginko, to give him the gun. At least Diabolik let him die believing he had finally killed the man who ruined his life...

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