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Tear Jerker / Descendants of Darkness

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  • The scene featuring this phrase: If you don't have anything to live for... at least live for me! as Hisoka desperately tries to convince Tsuzuki to not commit suicide after muraki mind rapes him completely. Oh, Hisoka. In the episode in question, it became apparent that the two Yaoi Guys were getting a happy ending.
    • Made worse in the manga where Hisoka, because he can't bear the thought of being alone again, decides that his place is at Tsuzuki's side, and if Tsuzuki chooses death then so will he.
      Hisoka: I decided long ago that my place was by your side. So I won't leave you. I'll never let go of you again. I'll go with you... to that world you dream of... Tsuzuki.
  • Kazusa's death. That whole arc spent to protect her and she dies anyway. Poor thing.
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  • All of Tsuzuki's flashbacks to his childhood. A little boy being stoned because of his eye color? Wibble!
  • Hisoka's past and the events leading up to his death. This guy has. had. it. BAD. And all of these aforementioned tropes occurred before he was even seventeen years old.
    • Not to mention if he hadn't encountered Muraki that fateful night, he would have still been doomed to be raped. Apparently a demon is getting passed from generation to generation in the Kurosaki lineage, inhabiting the bodies of every clan head and torturing them every night. Hisoka was next in line.
  • Even if he's responsible for the aforementioned situation with Hisoka, one has to admit Nagare has also had it pretty rough. His father preferred his brother to him and purposefully gave him the position of clan head to save (the ten years older) Iwao from being raped (painfully, involving tentacles, blood and screaming) by a god constantly. Said brother murdered his newborn daughter, and is implied to have murdered his first wife as well. He tells Tatsumi and Watari he wasn't even given time to mourn them before being shoved into a second marriage - with his first wifes identical twin. The when he had a child with her, Hisoka was accused of being a demon, and a council demanded Nagare kill him. When he refused, his wife took into her own hands and tried to kill their son herself. Then Hisoka was murdered by Muraki anyway, which is two lost children for Nagare. In the current arc he's accused of murder by Tatsumi, accused of making the crops die and the birth rate of Kamakura to lower, and then when his brother's attempt to poison him fails Iwao desecrates his daughters grave. All of this culminates in him attempting suicide, and telling Tatsumi (while crying) that he wanted "to go where Kasane and the children are." note 
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  • Hisoka's breakdown after he kills Tsubaki, a girl whom he had befriended, to end her suffering. Usually a stoic teenage boy, this horrendous and heartbreaking act leaves him sobbing hysterically and wondering if he'll turn into a monster like Muraki. Tsuzuki hugs him and reassures him over and over again that he's not a monster.


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