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Tear Jerker / Dark Cloud

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  • The reunion of Le Saia and Rando. Even if the last bit is just a vision for them, it's still a deserved ending for them.
  • The arrival in Dark Heaven Castle. Toan confronts Seda, who explains that the Dark Genie was his fault, and promptly stabs himself, using the last of his energy to create a portal for Toan to travel through time and fix Seda's mistake. The music and combination of Wham Moments before-hand don't help.
    • He's saved when Toan defeats the Dark Genie in the past, thus preventing Seda's need to go forward in time. But the scene is still a tearjerker.
  • If you use Steve The Talking Slingshot, he'll mostly spout wisecracking remarks and give you little tidbits of information that you most likely already know, but if you actually read what he says in certain places, you find out that he has a mother who left him and that he has yet to see her again. He adds in little details about the day she left. He even talks about the topic of life after death. That weapon has been through a lot.


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