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Tear Jerker / Daily Life with Monster Girl

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Despite being a romantic comedy, there are still a few sad moments.
  • Right up top we have the utterly heartbreaking look of horror on Papi's face when she thought Suu had fallen into the river, which would have been lethal to the slime.
  • Meroune realizing that being the loser in a Netorare genre story may not be what she expected it to be.
  • Rachnee's backstory. Is it any wonder she's a Broken Bird?
    • For the strong front she puts on, she's still suffering. Her outraged reaction when Lilith gives her a Breaking Speech makes it clear the devil was not far off the mark, and she has shown on a number of occasions that she was horrified by what she did to Ren, even having nightmares about it and fearing she'll end up hurting Kimihito.
  • Kii's backstory. Kidnapped by humans, saved by Papi, planted in an isolated forest. Papi promises to return, but quickly forgets about her—and this was before she even met Kimihito, which means she was waiting there for who knows how long?
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  • It's hard not to feel bad for Manako. She's got a lot of self-loathing toward her cyclops heritage, and it can hit home for someone with a physical deformity who thinks he or she is being gawked at for it.
  • When Kimihito is sick and bed-ridden, all the girls gather around him to see if he's okay, worried to death over his well-being. It's pretty obvious that this act of concern is a clear sign that all of the girls really do love him and wish to help him out when he needs them.
    Papi: (On the verge of tears) Are you okay, master?
  • As Lala continues to try and reap Kimihito, even enlisting Rachnera to help, Mia finally gives up and begs that Lala kill her too, so that she could be in Heaven with him if he was beyond saving. It's so moving it actually makes Lala sweat and start to break character.
  • You do kind of have to feel bad for Kimihito and the girls, especially in Chapter 30. Each girl really, truly loves him...unfortunately, most of them also accidentally almost kill him every time they try to show their love for him (Centorea kicking him in the face, Miia breaking his ribs, Meroune almost drowning him, Suu almost smothering him...)
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  • Mero's (attempted) Heroic Sacrifice. She gives up the air in her air bladder to give Kimihito one last breath, buying enough time for the other girls to pull him out. Unable to maintain buoyancy and with her fins damaged, she is helpless to stop herself from sinking down toward the spikes below her. She can only reflect on how this is the tragic ending she yearned for...and how awful it feels.
  • Lala's face when she discovers that Yuuhi's illness is terminal, and the resulting turmoil she feels from wanting to save the child even though it's against her duty to manipulate the fates of others. Not to mention how Lala remembers Yuuhi's face as she's was asking what will happen when she dies.
  • Zombina is so worried and horrified at the prospect that she may have zombified someone that she looks like she's about to throw up. When she finds out that her tooth was used to turn Yuuhi, she has a Freak Out!. It's pretty sad to see Zombina of all people so shaken up.
  • One can't help but feel sorry for Draco in Chapter 40. At this point, she really is trying to be friends with Miia and Liz, but Draco's lack of social skills just causes her to tick them off even more.
    • Doppel choosing to make this her prank definitely didn't improve the situation. Albeit Doppel did nothing to actually cause Draco's embarrassment, indeed if Draco had properly followed the advice she gave then things would have been fine (Doppel simply anticipated she would take things too far, as she usually does).
  • While many of the girls have had difficulties with their traditions and cultural obligations, Curie has the additional burden of belonging to an actual endangered species. Even though she is appalled at her people's culture, she's forced to embrace it regardless due to being one of the last remaining vampires in existence, and to honor her dead family's dying wish. It's a bitter take on just how oppressive and painful belonging to a Dying Race can be.
  • From Chapter 55, Suu's Heroic Sacrifice to save Kimihito. Sure, Kimihito managed to save her core, but he still watched as Suu dissolved into nothing right in front of him, and in his arms no less. For a moment, he truly believed he lost a part of his family, and all he can do is stare blankly. And unlike with Mero, there was nothing he could do to save her.

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