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Tear Jerker / Dai Gyakuten Saiban: Naruhodou Ryuunosuke no Bouken

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    Dai Gyakuten Saiban 

The Adventure of the Great Departure:

The Adventure of the Unbreakable Speckled Band:

  • The reveal of the culprit Nikomina Borshevic, her story, and the fact that this case is filled with Poor Communication Kills. She ran away from the Novavic ballet troupe after being exploited for her fame, has no family or real friends except for the Alaclair crew, and no money on her name either. She got along with Asogi nicely, but ends up accidentally nearly killing him in a panic after wrongfully assuming the 'friend' he talks about was a detective she heard him mention earlier. She was only 15.

The Adventure of the Runaway Room:

The Adventure of the Clouded Kokoro:

The Adventure of the Unspeakable Story:

    Dai Gyakuten Saiban 2 

The Adventure of the Blossoming Attorney:

The Memoirs of the Clouded Kokoro:

  • The truth about Viridian Green. She was engaged to Duncan Ross, who loved her deeply. Then one day, he died in a gas leak accident,sending her into depression. When she found out Petenshy may have caused it, she bought strychnine on the black market and poisoned his gas pipes in such a way that he'd suffer a Karmic Death if he tried to do the same thing again, but was also planning on drinking the poison herself afterwards, and the only reason she doesn't go through with it is Ryunosuke and Sherlock walking in on her as she's about to. Here's the Reminiscence theme that plays when this character tells their full story.

The Return of the Great Departed Soul:

Twisted Karma and His Last Bow:

  • Lestrade relaying the news of Gregson's death to 221B Baker Street, from her pained, terrified expressions and desperation to get Holmes and Ryuu to the crime scene, to what Holmes says after she leaves, as such:
    Holmes: ...Detectives always appear at the crime scene after the deed has been done, with foolish looks on their faces...sometimes, I can't help feeling so powerless.
    Ryuu: Holmes-san...
    Holmes: What nonsense! This Great Detective is sick of it, I tell you! I was here, and yet...Gregson...Gregson...

The Resolve of Naruhodō Ryūnosuke:

  • Barok's Heroic BSoD when Ryunosuke proves Klimt van Zeiks wasn't a victim of the serial killer known as "the Professor", he was the Professor.
  • The whole truth of the Professor case is tragic for everyone involved. Yuujin Mikotoba, Genshin Asougi and Seishiro Jigoku went abroad to the British Empire to study its legal and medical systems. Yuujin was lucky and ended up becoming friends with Sherlock Holmes, but the other two both got caught up in a horrible conspiracy centered on Hart Vortex's attempt to take control of the British legal world. Genshin became friends with Klimt Van Zeiks, brother of Barok, who turned out to be a serial killer blackmailed by Votrex into being his personal hitman. Genshin ended up killing Klimt in a Duel to the Death, and when Vortex discovered this he decided to pin all the serial killings on Genshin, under the pretense that England would panic if they found out a British aristocrat was a serial killer. Tobias Gregson and Jigoku reluctantly agreed to help, and Genshin was convicted in a secret trial. Bear in mind, he had a son, Kazuma, back in Japan at the time. The other conspirators told Genshin his execution would be faked and that he could live. However, Enoch Drebber happened to witness him "rising from the grave", so Vortex had to order Jigoku to kill Genshin to prevent the truth from being revealed. (Under the pretense that letting him go free could harm British-Japanese relations) The fact that Vortex used two people as pawns simply due to them being Japanese is doubly tragic knowing that that's really how things were back then.


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