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Tear Jerker / Dad's Army

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  • Corporal Jones' loss of morale in "Command Decision" is especially jarring in contrast to his usual eagerness.
  • Godfrey being turned on for being a conscientious objector in the First World War in "Branded".
    • It is also made clear that several cadets are spurning Godfrey against their will due to Mainwaring and Frazer. Walker and Jones in particular come across as rather guilty over it, with Jones being the first to apologise on the platoon's behalf when Godfrey is vindicated.
  • Mainwaring talking to Mrs. Gray and begging her not to leave in "Mum's Army".
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  • In "The Making of Private Pike", it would appear that Pike's had a stroke of good luck when he gets a new girlfriend, who just happens to be the niece of Warden Hodges. After they go to a date and the film ends, however, it turns out that she's emotionally abusive towards him and he is visibly tearing up. Unlike other instances of Pike's suffering being played for laughs, this is taken fairly seriously.
  • This little speech in "Absent Friends", when Mainwaring expresses his bewilderment that his men would rather stay in the pub playing darts against the wardens rather than come on parade, gives a slight hint into how lonely and dull his life is without the Home Guard and the war:
    This whole thing is totally beyond my comprehension, Wilson. I mean, fancy the men not wanting to come on parade. It's the highlight of my day! Do you know, once I'm having my tea, I can feel the excitement mounting inside of me. I put on my uniform, and I march down here to the parade, and I feel a warm glow of pride in what we're doing and what we've achieved. We're doing something for England!


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