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Tear Jerker / Cupcakes

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  • Rainbow Dash sobbing "I want to go home."
    • Likewise, Rarity's final act in life pleading for Pinkie to spare her sister from the same fate moments before death takes her in one of the sequels.
    • And don't forget yet another alternate ending in which Dashie dies horribly, Pinkie gets backed into one of her murder machines and is ripped apart right in front of Twilight Sparkle, and Twi herself is driven hopelessly insane by it all.
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    • What if Twilight Sparkle read 'Cupcakes'?
    • A fan-sequel where Pinkie Pie draws Fluttershy's number has her breaking Fluttershy before setting a single hoof on her—by torturing Angel Bunny and feeding him to Gummy while Fluttershy tearfully pleads for his life.
  • The last-minute derail of Cupcakes: Consequences. Long story short, after being saved by Twilight Sparkle and Applejack, it's revealed that there's a Parasprite in her head, crushing and poisoning her brain and cure her, but fail to rehabilitate the traumatized Pinkie back into the community. But, it gets even more heart-rending: In the end, she begs Celestia (after several attempts to take her own life, no less.) to be punished as Discord was punished, and is, and remains in statue form in the garden forever, endlessly alone with her torment.


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