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Tear Jerker / Creed II

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  • Rocky trying to talk Adonis out of fighting Drago. You can tell that even after all these years the pain and guilt of losing Apollo is still there.
    "He broke things in me that ain't never been fixed. It ain't worth it."
    • The above quote refers to the brain damage Rocky suffered after the Ivan Drago fight. Rocky acknowledges that Drago kept his promise of "breaking" him before the fight.
    • Even worse according to Bianca this determination to defeat Drago has apparently caused him to forsake his duties as a father and husband.
      Bianca: It’s like nothing really matters to him right now. Including me.
    • Rocky watching Adonis fighting Viktor on tv. At a certain point when Adonis is getting beaten badly, Rocky turns off the tv, because it is too painful for him to watch.
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  • Adonis's proposal to Bianca is a mixture of this, funny, and heartwarming. The sad part is when he gives a heartfelt proposal to Bianca, but she just got out of the shower and her hearing aids weren't on. Adonis sadly says that she didn't hear any of it. She tearfully asks what she didn't hear. Just goes to show that even if they are preparing for when she finally goes completely deaf, there will be times when her disability causes her to miss out.
  • It’s hard not to feel a little pity for Ivan Drago when seeing how badly his life fell apart following his loss to Rocky. Sure, he killed Apollo and didn't show any remorse for it, but even then, he was just being a fighter and in the end, had a sense of honor and respect.
    Ivan: (to Rocky) Because of you, I lose everything. Country, respect... wife...
  • Ivan looking heartbroken when he finds out Ludmilla remarried.
    • Viktor adds to it when he loses his cool, storms out of the dinner, and begins Calling the Old Man Out, not just expressing anger at Ludmilla for abandoning the family, but clearly being angry and hurt for what happened to his father, who he clearly holds in higher respect than the people Ivan's trying to get them back into the graces of.
    • At the end of the fight, even hard-lined critics of Ivan will feel for him when he sees Ludmilla leave and finally sees her for whom she is: Someone who is a fair-weathered, cold-hearted woman who abandons those when the chips are down. Viktor mentions during the dinner that "I don't even know that woman. She might as well be a stranger", implying that for thirty years she never even tried to maintain contact with her own son.
  • Adonis learning that his and Bianca’s daughter Amara was born deaf due to inheriting her mother’s hearing disability. In a later scene, after trying and failing to calm a crying Amara down, Adonis takes her to the Delphi Gym where he begins punching a heavy bag in frustration before breaking down in tears.
  • During the final fight, Ludmilla once again abandons Ivan and Viktor after she sees that Viktor is losing. Viktor sees her empty seat and appears to just lose the will to win. Even Ivan has to throw in the towel because he can't bear to see his son losing this way.
    • Drago comforting Viktor afterward.
      Ivan: It's okay. It's okay.
  • Leave us not forget Mary Anne Creed. Drago's reemergence is a living reminder of the circumstances of her husband's death, and all of the emotional impulses that drove him to it are present in Adonis. Then Donny loses the first fight against his son Viktor and gets his ribs, face and kidney busted. After his reconciling with Rocky, the birth of Amara and his rehab/training for the return match, Donny faces Viktor again in Russia with Mary Anne ringside with Bianca. God only knows the trauma she must have been battling. Not only is she in the same arena as her husband's killer for the first time in 33 years, her son is facing HIS son, the man who nearly killed him in their last fight. And then the body shot lands...
  • In the Deleted Scene, we find out that Spider Rico has passed away, meaning that everyone from Rocky's past are gone.

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