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Tearjerker / Covert Affairs

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  • Auggie's face when Natasha has to leave him to escape to Canada. He's just so heartbroken.
  • Auggie's Oh, Crap! moment when he sees the terrorist plant a bomb near his comrades.
    Auggie: Hey, you gotta get out of there, there's a bomb! Chris? Jason? RUN! [sound cuts out as dramatic music plays, bomb explodes]
  • Annie finally working up the courage to tell Auggie she likes him, only to have him reveal that he's following his girlfriend to Africa.
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  • Auggie's reaction to Parker breaking off their engagement.
  • Surprisingly hard to decide if it's subtle or anvilicious, but there's a point being made in "Hello Stranger", where Auggie's teaching his therapist how to get across a street blindfolded. She takes her blindfold off like three times, and eventually just tires of the lesson. Auggie can't ever do that...
  • Annie and Auggie in "Crackity Jones", sitting there and not being able to decide if they want to try and stay in a committed relationship; Annie finally can't take it anymore and leaves.
  • I love how every single post in this section has something to do with Auggie.
    • Well, he does have the potential to be quite the woobie at times.
  • Averted - Arthur this time. Potential tearjerker - when he's in critical danger due to stab wounds, he calls Joan to try and warn her, but she doesn't answer because her phone is on silent mode. His last words would have been a terse warning on voicemail.
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  • Here's one for Annie, writing her goodbye postcard to her only sibling, not knowing if she'll get the chance to speak to her again, or if she'll even be alive to do so. She has to break Danielle's heart and she can't even tell her directly...
  • It seems that Annie has developed a chronic heart infection since leaving Hong Kong. It's really sad to see the competent and focussed Annie Walker being afflicted with one at the worst possible time, and it could potentially end her career as an active spy.
    • And over Season 5, Annie attempts to cover this up by lying to her superiors. When the secret comes out, they try to rehabilitate her as a desk operative, but she refuses to accept this and ends up quitting. To make matters worse, she roped Auggie into helping her cover up her condition, and ends up destroying his career to.

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