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Tear Jerker / Counting Crows

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This alternative rock band have put out a lot of songs that are incredibly sad.

  • "Amy Hit The Atmosphere". The original version overlaps with Nightmare Fuel, it's so horribly dark and edgy.
  • "Round Here". It starts with a solemn guitar riff which leads into a story about a man wanted to fall in love with a girl, but this particular girl having severe mental problems, intertwining with themes of monotony in daily life and self-reflection. And oh god...That last verse.
    I, I can't see nothing, nothing round here
    You catch me if I'm falling, you catch me if I'm falling
    Will you catch me? Cause I'm falling down on you
    I said I'm under the gun round here
    Oh man, I said I'm under the gun round here
    Well I can't see nothing, nothing round here
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  • The song "Another Horsedreamer's Blues", especially the line "So she takes her pills/careful and round/and one day she's gonna throw the whole bottle down". Adam Duritz is so good at channeling feelings of hopelessness into his listeners.
  • Also, the song "Raining in Baltimore".
  • The Across a Wire versions of "Mr. Jones" and "Anna Begins" could, too.
    • Just take a listen here, to this live rendition of "Anna Begins".
  • "Big Yellow Taxi" (originally by Joni Mitchell) and "Long December" qualify for many.
  • "Colorblind" is so tear jerking that it sends chills of sadness down your spine. The melancholy insistence of "I am fine" at the end sounds so hopeless and forced that it actually makes everything worse.
  • The added lines during live performances of "Miami":
    If you knew everything
    If you could see anything
    Before it happens
    What would you do?
    If you knew that the love you threw away
    Meant everything to her
    If you knew this would ruin her
    What would you do?
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  • "Miller's Angels", particularly the coda ("leave me, leave me, leave me, leave me alone"). The final verse qualifies, too, especially for anyone who's ever suffered depression or a dissociative disorder, or has known anyone who has.
    Can't you hear me? 'Cause I'm screaming
    Didn't I go outside yesterday?
    Don't wake me, please, don't wake me
    'Cause I was dreaming
    And I might just stay inside
    I don't go out much these days
    Sometimes, I stay inside all day