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Tear Jerker / Count Cain

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  • Cain's and Jezebel's childhood count as their own.
    • Cain was almost killed by his mother and proceeded to be physically, emotionally and verbally abused by his father for several years. Anything he ever came to love — be it a teddy bear or pets — were taken away by his father and he even forbade the servants to acknowledge Cain. Oh, and Alexis was also poisoning his son with arsenic for who knows how long.
    • Jezebel was given the love and attention Cain was denied and seemed to have had a good life as Alexis', albeit illegitimate, son. Then Alexis reveals that he reunited Jezebel with his beloved sheep by feeding him the animal, which is only the beginning of breaking the kid's mind. Then he learns that he's only still alive because his sisters' organs were transplanted into him and is told that his 'right to exist' has effectively been nullified because Cain has been born, who is Alexis' legitimate heir.

Jack the Ripper

  • Emelyne's death, where her past gets some light shone onto it. Back then, she thought she was hideous and ugly, an idea that was only amplified by her parents and older brother shaming her for her 'bad looks'. And she vowed to become beautiful, so that she would be worthy of Cain, whom she had loved for years and never could get herself to tell him.
  • When Gilford's true personality returns to him and he proves to be an egocentric and narcissistic jerk, Merryweather is in tears when she wonders if 'her' Gilford will ever return.
  • Merryweather and Cain coming across a dying Gilford on the streets. The childish Gilford managed to hold his evil side in place, so that he can be punished for hurting Merry, and he and Merry get a tearful goodbye.

The Butterfly's Remains

  • The mental torture that Toko had to go through, which led to her killing herself. And Lucia seeing her mother fall right before her.
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  • Poor Emile committing suicide at the end, realizing that having killed Abigail means their hands are tainted and would only hurt Lucia. An extra kick from Alexis, mocking Cain for thinking he could save anyone.

The Mortician's Daughter

  • Marjorie's entire story and plan. Her meek father was mocked and bullied in school for wanting to become a mortician, but said bullies came to work for him and treat him nicely, even asking Marjorie to please bury them all together when they die.
    The bullies were stealing from the graves and Marjorie's mother threw her husband under the bus, claiming him to be the thief. With everyone abandoning him, he committed suicide. In part revenge and wanting to make those men keep their promise, she hires the Coffinmaker to kill them and bring her their bodies. She knows that this is a terrible thing to do, but is prepared to die.
    "This house is my father's and my coffin.''
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  • The arc's end has Marjorie survive and being taken to her aunt's house, then receiving a black-bordered letter. It's a letter from the Coffinmaker, who tells her that she should continue to live and be happy. 'Yours Eternally, Grifford''


  • Poor Leroy! He walks into his hideout and sees his friends, mother and little sister killed. And then things get worse. He gets taken in by Cassandra, forced to crossdress, gets repeatedly drugged and wears a metal collar that prevents him from speaking. Leroy is now referred to as Leatitia and is used as a messenger by Cassandra. When he realizes what those letters contain and that Cassandra has connections to the people that killed his family, he shoots one of Cassandra's goonies and gets shot himself. Fortunately, he manages to survive.
    • The end of the arc shows where he is now. Offering to prostitute himself to an old gentleman because he needs a place to stay and drugs.

Judas Kiss

  • Sheila's death and Clehadol's reaction to it. He's not only torn up about it because he cared for Sheila, but her circumstances are purposefully arranged to resemble his mother's suicide.
  • The fact that Riff betrays and abandons Cain and everything before was nothing but a farce. This even makes previously happy moments worse, as the reader now sees them in a completely different light.
  • Cain vowed to never cry again after poisoning his father. He breaks down in tears when Riff's betrayal begins to set in. And then the extra kick from Riff proving that there was never anything special between him and Cain. That Riff always found Cain because of a thunder stone he has, whose counterpart is Cain's earring.
  • Despite being a minor character, poor Jolene! She was already stuck in an unhappy, abusive marriage to Garr and thought she finally found some happiness with another man, Clehadol. She was merely used by Cain to get Garr to shoot mayor Gloria. Let's put this into blunt words: this is an absolutely innocent woman, who was nothing but a pawn to Cain.


  • Everything that happens to Mikaela in this story. Especially her death. No wonder, her character and the story are blatantly pointed out to be The Little Mermaid.
  • Jezebel revealing his past to Cain, which is listed above. Cain is horrified by it and seems to alter his view on the doctor, who quickly tells him that he didn't do this to be pitied. He just wanted to have things in the open, so there is no hesitation the next time they meet.


  • Another minor character, but the little boy that Merryweather meets on the train. He breaks down crying after his mother gets killed and the realiziation hits him, after Merry slapped some sense into him.
    "Even so, she was still your mother, wasn't she? To you, she may not have been a good mother, but don't you have any good memories of her? Memories that no talisman can ever replace?"
  • Seeing the true extent of the real Riff's personality is just... frightening. It's such a contrast to what has been shown before and really makes one wonder if the Riff the reader has known was really fake and is forever gone.
  • The final moments of Jezebel. He takes the bullet for his father, who doesn't care at all. Jezebel is held by Cassian and admits that he knew this would happen because he was never able to leave his father's grasp. In the end, Jezebel uses the last of his blood to give a dying Riff just a bit more time to reunite with Cain.
    • The final few pages show Jezebel's grave being surrounded by nature and animals.
  • The reunion between Cain and Riff. And then you see the broken window's shards beginning to rain down... Cain refuses to leave Riff's side and embraces him as the shards continue to fall. The two are last seen in an embrace, with Riff's decaying bones holding Cain save. The shards in his back looking like wings.

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