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Tear Jerker / Coreline

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  • Legends Of The Fourth Of July Coreline
  • The Shikigami Ranger And The Monster Mashers
  • Rise Of The Extraordinary Avengers Coreline
  • Coreline A Tale Of Two Maris
  • Coreline Operation Endgame
  • Avengers Reassembled
  • Tales Of The Vanguard

  • For many people the situation is pretty sad: for those who made through The 23 Hours Of Madness/The Vanishing, the world as they knew it is long gone, chances are that their homes were devastated in some fashion, and the people they love disappeared without a trace for 23 hours (quite the horror if those who disappeared were such people such as your own children) and then reappeared unharmed... but willing and able to accept the changes of the world to a degree that many of the survivors immediately cried out "brainwashing" (at the mildest). For those who appeared during The Vanishing (and are still appearing afterwards) the situation is also bad: you think is bad seeing your loved ones disappear without a trace? Now try being one of those who disappeared, with nothing on you but whatever is on your back, with no way of knowing if your loved ones are OK (and on some really bad scenarios, not even knowing if your planet/dimension is still standing) and no way of knowing if you will ever make it back home (and for many cases, the answer is "no").
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  • On the short story Semper Paratus, there is a lot of Fridge Tearjerking, in the fact that an Alternate of Peter Griffin totally annihilated only-God-knows-how-many people (including at least one Alternate version of the Simpson family (only Lisa made it out, and she is described as having burns nasty enough to look like Harvey "Two-Face" Dent), plus killing Monty Burns, maiming Smithers and driving Seymour Skinner into a big case of shell shock) with his impulsiveness (setting off enough fireworks to destroy a massive super-yacht) and his actions during the rescue attempt showcase that he is very unrepentant of his actions (as is normal of him). It is also mentioned that this same brand of colossal Jerkassery by another Alternate of Griffin destroyed all of Quahog.

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